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  • Dear Sirs,

    Please, I have installed a plugin for gallery. I decided to uninstall it.

    The problem starts here, the old way to present the images is not the same now.

    I would like to come back to the native gallery presentation, take a look how it is now: (images close one to another).

    Also is broken the column limit:

    Could you help me to comeback to default options native wordpress gallery presentation?

    Thanks and Regards,


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  • First problem

    The images will be aligned correctly when I hit F12 (for web dev inspection), or zoom in/out, or F11 (for full screen browser viewing). There is also the inline CSS for width injected in the code. All of these point to one conclusion, there is some JS conflict.

    Try disabling all plugins, see if problem goes away. If it does, re-enable them one by one to rule out the culprit.

    Second Problem

    The image is bigger than the container because there is this inline style 1010px width
    <div id="attachment_40626" style="width: 1010px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">

    Depending on how many of them like this that you have, if you got only few posts like this just go over them one by one and manually remove the style="width: 1010px" part.

    If there are too many posts with this problem, just put this one line of CSS in Additional CSS section.

    .wp-caption { max-width: 100%; }
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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