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  • In Chrome audio player displays fine but will not play. Fresh Install but I deactivated the few I had. Checked with server tech who found no Apache restrictions, but just in case added added the following rule in .htaccess file: Code: AddType audio/mpeg .mp1 .mp2 .mp3 .mpg .mpeg. Said the issue appears to be more of a coding one.

    And I added metadata to mp3’s and that did not help. But, just now I did manage to find one .mp3 that plays! So possibly the native player while using Chrome, is looking for something in my mp3’s.

    My questions are is this a WP thing that can be resolved? Or, is it my mp3 creation. I record live speaking presentations and use a mp3 editor on PC. The recording that worked was on a Mac, not sure of the software. So I guess I am looking for how to encode the mp3’s in a way that the native WP 3.6 audio player will like on Chrome. In 3.x and plugins these files all played.

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