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  • Well, this is the first time I’ve used a blogging script, and I must say that WP is amazing! I’m glad I cose it over MT and b2evo. Here’s the link, please give me some feedback to my design as well as application of WP’s many features.

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  • nice one… i like the way u have ur login page on an image… 🙂

    lol I did that because with the links it kept on messing up. So I just put it on a image. BTW, how did you know? You actually moused over the page? lol

    well i kinda use my mouse a lot more than my keyboard. 🙂

    Indeed 😉 by moused over I meant over everywhere. 😛 btw. I barely use my mouse lol I’ve become keyboard dependant 😉

    can do totally with keyboard…
    but apparently my mice is better than my keyboard….. 😛
    i just need a way to type as fast as i type using my mouse 🙂

    you type with your mouse? how does that work? do you just open a sketch pad and use the mouse for that?
    Anyways, I still prefer keyboard. 😛

    i dont type with my mouse… :insane:
    i wish i can get rid of the keyboard… 😛

    Lol, I can type with my mouse by just telling to to record mouse movements. I’ve tried it but takes way too long. lol

    sweet. on a tangent, there’s a WinXp onscreen keyboard you can get from MS Update… just don’t blame me if you get RSI ;o)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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