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  • Hi all, I just wanted to post this as I am so annoyed about this issue and was hoping I could get some advice on here about course of action.

    I have designed a website for my now ex company (left last week but still got strong connections with them) The site is designed based on wordpress and can be found here:

    I was trolling through the web stats for the site the other day and stumbled accross this site…

    Now if you open both up and look at them, if you look at the layout, design, fonts, buttons, wording, design infact all of it!! You will notice that they have completely rippe dof the Blackprint design.!!

    And I am furious. But not sure what to do…If there is anything we can do or not?! I mean its not as if they are a rival company, being in California and us in the UK, its just the damn principle of it!! Anyone got any ideas on how to move forward with this I would LOVE to hear them!!


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  • Certainly, we cannot do anything about it.
    You can contact the site owners.
    You can contact their host – if you have a valid copyright claim (most hosts have something referring to this issue in their TOS).

    No I just wondered how they managed to rip off the whole site so quickly!! Mad!

    I could try their hosts I suppose, thanks for the advice anyways.

    Your site is better, if that’s any consolation.

    I wouldn’t give a sh!* cause your site looks better and really nothing like the other one. If they need the code oh well thats life and view source is always available to anyone that wants it. I wouldn’t spend much time worrying about it.





    hmm, I like the white one, do I have permission to rip some of that? Seriously? 🙂




    .. and why do I feel that its odd that one is called whiteprint and one is called blackprint. Thats like freaky or sumfing…

    LOL I didn’t even notice that… I wonder if they had the domain before they ripped it?

    And just so you understand I’m not advocating ripping the site just that you can’t stop it and legal action is costly and more trouble than its worth in this particular situation. The best option is to contact the site owner through their form and tell them to fix it or else…. you might do nothing lol.

    It’s entirely possible that the business owner paid a web “designer” to create their site too. I would contact them through their site to let them know your concerns – you might be doing them a favor!

    someone did something, it’s down.

    Californians ripping off ideas from Maccams. Who would have thunk it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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