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  • Hey everyone. I wasn’t entirely sure where to throw this question up but I’m having somewhat of an issue. Well, it’s in two parts really. First one being, when you access my site and hover the mouse over “home” it shows you the the root location as opposed to my purchased domain. It doesn’t seem like that should be occurring.

    Secondly, my site seems to be loading ridiculously slow. Whatever the issue, I’m pretty sure they are linked together. I feel as though some how I’ve done something wrong when I attempted to forward my domain to my host. I host at hostultra, and my domain was purchased from godaddy. I’d really hate to have to wait it out and buy a new host to fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The site is still under construction but you can see my issue.

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  • Your website opened fine for me and when I mouseover on Home page I see your domain name.

    It’s the same for me. I mouse over the home button and see your purchased domain. Also, I can get to your site without issue. Looks like the music player is taking a bit to load. Have you tried to determine what could be causing the issue?


    how do i get to my domain nameserver, so i can make changes?


    You can look up the nameservers you are supposed to use in this article: To set those nameserver please follow this guide: If you have any questions or concerns Support is here 24/7 for you: ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

    That link takes me to All im tring to do is access my nameserver page so i can make changes. Do you know how to do that?

    Those help articles tell you what to use and how to make the changes. To access the manager log into your account, go to the green “Domains” tab at the top and in the bottom right of the drop down choose “Domain Management”. Once you have done that click on the domain you wish to edit and then edit the DNS/Nameservers. ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

    I went to the site signed up and all it told me was i did not have any domains. All i wanted to do is change my domain nameserver on WordPress. Does wordpress have an area were i can do that?

    You can only change name servers at the registrar where ever you registered the domain name

    I’m sorry I was under the impression that the domain was registered here, with us. @govpatel is correct, you need to contact your domain registrar at this point and modify the DNS to point towards your desired hosing location with them. ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

    This is NOT even close to a wordpress issue.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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