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Namesco install – not my hosting package Database error

  • I’m pulling my hair out – has anyone had an issue setting up WP when you cant have access to the Cpanel or see the host name in Namesco. My customers IT Company has given me access to an sql file but he has 5 on the package. I have the DB name/user and Pword so I assume it’s the local host thats the issue but he can’t confirm the path. Any ideas – I really want to have it live for start of play today. Any help appreciated..

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  • Namesco don’t host MySQL instances on individual web servers – they’ve got 5 serperate MySQL servers instead in their cluster:

    – mysql1.namesco.net
    – mysql2.namesco.net
    – mysql3.namesco.net
    – mysql4.namesco.net
    – mysql5.namesco.net

    You’ll need to know which server your database is on and use that hostname, not localhost.

    Thats great – they are on 5 but it still didn’t work. I had a message to say that the libary was different to the server version of SQL and it may cause issues. Do you think it could be that?

    No, the error is just that PHPMyAdmin is running using a different php-mysql library to the one installed on the MySQL server, nothing to worry about there.

    I actually work as a SysAd with Namesco, with 8 years previously on the support front-line – drop a ticket to support@names.co.uk for the attention of Jon Thompson, and let me know the domain name and I’ll take a look.

    Cool I’m with the client later – I installed an older version of WP in the end. I’ve got most working now but I’m left with an issue in the way permalinks are written if you try to open an item in WP_ecommerce. It may be something I’ve overlooked at my end but if you could looks that would be tops..
    Many thanks..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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