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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Assuming you’re on windows;

    • Right click on the website.
    • Select ‘View source’.
    • In the pop-up menu, search for style.css
    • Look for the URL that contains /wp-content/themes/
    • The theme name will be appended to that URI (after /themes/).

    If you view that style.css file (copy the url and paste it into your browser), there’s usually a link to the theme’s website in the comments section at the top.



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    Thank you, Andrew and esmi.

    You learn something every day.

    I used the theme detector to find a specific website. Which it worked perfectly. However I could not find the actual theme anywhere even when doing a Search the theme is Escentric molecules. It is currently used here. Can anyone help.



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    The site you linked to looks like a customized theme based on

    I guess you mean that you used our [ redacted ], Sherman275.
    It is right, our tool shows that the name of that theme is “Escentric Molecules” and, as you can see, the screenshot corresponds to the appearance of the site. As WPYogi points out, they might be using something based on html5boilerplate, since I found in that site that detailed information about the css used can be found in
    By the way, I don´t know why my previous post was removed. Am I getting somehow blacklisted by

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    You’re previous posts were removed because you had gone and replied to 5 month old threads for the sole purpose of promoting your website.

    We refer to that as “spamming”, please don’t do that again. It’s alright to reply to this thread with your site but digging up old topics just to get traffic? Don’t do that.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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