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  • Just curious as to how you folks came up with the name of your blog(s)? I have a personal one going right now, and for the life of me I can’t come up with anything that feels right.
    What are your experiences with this?

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  • Mine is named after my domain name. Really orignial eh?
    I never really have used anything not domain related. When I first started blogging I used “Work in Progress.” I soon got tired of it though.

    Hey, So-gal!
    Cool site. You’ve done a lot of work with the skins, I see. That’s excellent, although the colours and choice of Jon Bon Jovi are decidely not ME! :0) Then again, it’s a site for a southern gal, so why wouldn’t it be feminine! :0)
    One of these days, once I have learned a lot more about WP, I will attempt to create some skins for my readers to try out. I may have to peek at your code once in a while to figure a few things out. Oh, and just one quick thing, my DOB is less than two months earlier than yours!
    Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts!

    I hate to admit this, but I only just now realized the punnishment of ‘photomatt’.

    I was looking for something that went well with my name “flickerfly” and kinda rhymed, Buzzing Bye just kinda fit. It also went well with my “philosophy of blogging” wherein I make multiple stops in a day to comment on something I ran into or am doing.

    Hi Craig! πŸ˜‰ Glad you don’t like the JB Jovi, skin, y’know? I have a tutorial link for the skins on the skin selector or you can visit and see it there. It’s only in Word right now. I have to get a chance to put it in a .txt doc. I revamped the MT code I used ages ago that Amy wrote. I made them exclusively for b2 and now for Word Press. Let me know if you have any questions or problems following the tutorial. πŸ™‚ I guess you are older than me eh?
    Matt, I have always thought your PhotoMatt blog was clever as well as amusing. (I would say cute but that’s such a girlie thing to say.)

    I disagree! πŸ™‚ Your blog is special in that it is a part of you that you share with the rest of us. I get to learn a bit about you from your words and seeing the things that you are interested in, and that is something that I would never have been able to do without the Internet and WordPress!
    Yeah, I’m older, but by scant days! ROLFMAO! I will certainly check out your skinning tutorial. Thanks for the link.
    BTW, I use “NuclearMoose” because one day I was talking with my two sons about buying a web site domain so that I could learn how to live and work on the Internet. I couldn’t think of a single thing, but the boys thought that “Nuclear Donkey” was a good idea. Can you believe it, but the domain was already taken! So, then we came up with “Nuclear Moose” which is decidely more apt since I am a Canadian!

    man, i visited my blog. this time as a casual user and read the posts from a visitor point of view.
    hmm… that was a nice experience. I would like to meet this guy someday. He is like me… πŸ™‚

    Hehe…this is a nice thread, very fun to read through. I really wanted to add my two backslashes. I have used the nickname LaughingLizard since my undergrad days. I did nothing special to think of the name, just sounded like I fit right into it. After graduation I wanted to register the name but found some restaurant owner (very lascivious business genre) had registered it already. The desire to name my blog after my nickname had to come to an end for the time being. As for the present name of my blog, I worked very little to acquire it. I love the word muse, worked it around a little, kept in mind that I wanted it to be something that is easily searchable and distinct as a word group, and there it was. As luck would have it, when I could finally afford to purchase the domain, I found that too was registered! πŸ™‚ Here is a link that you (and other name seekers) might be interested in and it might help you get some interesting ideas. It randomly generates blognames for you. Hours of fun!!
    Chris Thompson’s Blog Name Generator

    A fun thread this…
    My blogname came about when I wanted to register a .com domain name and found that just about every english word (I swear I started at ‘A’ and got to ‘E’!) was taken. I wanted the name to reflect on both the content of the blog and my personality.
    What better than The dictionary meaning is “containing both serious and comic elements”. Me and my blog to a ‘T’.

    Great site! As mine has just started, I hope that it matures like yours has. I gotta say that it appeals to me more than SouthernGals! πŸ™‚ I’m just not the girly-kind of a guy, you know? πŸ˜‰
    It’s so nice to have an excellent bunch of sites to look to for inspiration and ideas. Well done, everyone!

    My blog isn’t that interesting, nor is it’s name (otaku42 news blog).
    I started writing an rss/rdf feed aggregation site for feeds with wireless lan related topics. Soon I found that there are some interesting sources that don’t provide such a feed, so I also implemented an HTML-parsing import plugin for some of these pages. But that’s quite time consuming, and doesn’t work for all of these sites. Also, there are other sources of news (such as press releases, or personal opinions about newspaper articles) that I would like to see included in my aggregator. So I was in need of a simple way to log things and provide an rss-feed for that all. That’s how I found blogging tools valuable, and while evaluating some of the existing solutions, I found WordPress as successor of b2. I installed it, configuration wasn’t too hard, and now I stick with WP, writing up some (more or less) useful code patches and so on.
    Now that I know blogging a little better, I think of setting up a personal blog, that is distinct from the newsblog. Then I’ll be a little more creative on choosing a good name, I hope :))

    My weblog’s current name (Eau SalΓ©e Lunaire) is the rebirth of my Livejournal (Saltwater Moon). The names hold very similar value to each other. I asked a French-speaking friend to help me with the name, since the last time I truly spoke the language with any frequency was about four years ago.
    Eau SalΓ©e Lunaire comes from a couple of sources:
    I have an affinity for the moon that borders on an obsession (sidenote: If you have any really good pictures of this month’s Lunar Eclipse, and are willing to let me have a couple, without charge, for use in a new ‘blog layout I’m planning, I’d be grateful!).
    I also have a song in my playlist called “Saltwater” (Chicane, feat. Maire Brennan of Clannad) that I love. Putting the two together worked for me as a sort of theme, because it matches my personality quite well.
    This, and I like some semblance of continuity with my changes. ;P

    Very cool thread here, definitely nice to see the community becoming more… communal? Anywho, I originally named my blog indieb0i’s rantings because that’s my nick and that’s basically what I was doing. But rantings is used all over the web, so I got bored with it. I finally just settled on using my domain name I got that name a while back based on the game of the same name. I chose .net partly because I believe in the whole .com should be for businesses and the game developers who made the original Neverhood owned it πŸ™‚ . I liked the sound of the word, and originally just used it as a workgroup for my friends back in college. It then moved to a website where I had lots of plans to create a community of sorts (hence, a ‘hood), but it’s kinda just me at this point babbling from time to time. I’m now slowly working on putting up things for friends (the gallery is largely for bands that I hang out with), so the whole idea of a community isn’t dead yet.
    As a side note, Nuclear Moose sounds cool, so I’d just stick with that. I love the name Binary Bonsai, and thanks for the full explanation. And don’t feel bad Cena, I feel like a tool for not having gotten the whole “photomatt” thing either πŸ˜‰ . It’s nice to read these stories and I look forward to checking out everybody’s sites.

    I’ve had SteevAK as my internet handle for a long time. It was just natural to get the domain. I just kept the name of the blog the same too.
    Maybe I should be more creative. . .

    All the main ‘vibes’ domains were taken so I reversed it:

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