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  • Hi Re4zeN follow these instructions:

    Go to CataBlog >> Options >> Public and change the slug there.

    Kind regards

    Worked…however. the individual products can’t be view anymore in front- and backend.

    Hello Re4zeN, do a rescan of all your images again and make sure that your permalink is set correctly.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author macguru2000


    Just in case its useful you need to make sure the slug is not empty and is also set to something that is not a WordPress reserved word.

    Hmm…somehow it still doesn’t work
    When i watch the individual
    Rpoduct page, the breadcrumb of my site still shows the word CataBlog item, in stead of the word “aanbod”. Which I entered in the slug field in options >> public

    As an addition to he previous post I noticed tha changing the slug indeed changes the items in my permalinks….but the breacrumb ain’t changing

    Hi Re4zeN, you are going to have to look at your theme to see what settings it has for the breadcrumbs. Or you might have to use a plugin. Have a look at the following link:

    add breadcrums to your wordpress theme

    You will also notice a couple plugins mentioned.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    The breadcrumb works perfectly on my entire site.
    However, it seems like the breadcrumb is getting information about an individual Catablog Item from of the plugin files.

    So somewhere in the plugin files should be a snippet of code which tells the breacrumb to show “CataBlog Item”.

    If I only new what part to change, I would be happy

    Hi, could you post here your link so that I can check. I am just curious that you say that the breadcrumb is picking up an individual file from the CataBlog plugin but not your slug.

    The CataBlog item and the category will normally show on the breadcrumb but you are trying to include the slug, which is a bit different. This is why I added the link in my previous comment and in that code they have added the slug to be included in the breadcrumb.

    Kind regards.

    Above page is the page that loads a Catablog gallery using the shortcode.
    By clicking the “Lees meer” button you can view the individual productpage. On that page the Breadcrumn shows: Home » CataBlog Item » Suzuki Vitara 1.6i 16V JLX

    Hi, I just had a look at your website. I can see in your breadcrumb the word CataBlog Item.

    1) Checked under CataBlog settings to make sure that the words CataBlog Item do not exist?
    2) Have a look to make sure that it is not a category?
    3) Rescan your images?
    4) Make sure that if you are using some cache plugin that you have deleted all the cache after you made all the changes to your CataBlog slug.

    What is the shortcode you are using?

    Kind regards

    1) Checked…al labeled occassion instead of Catablog Item
    2) No categorie with that name
    3) Done, didn’t help
    4) No cache plugin installed
    5) shortcode i’m using is [catablog]

    Maybe changing the CataBlog Item class?
    Don’t know if this results in not working plugin

    Hi, your menu is not set up correctly. Have a look at the navigation menu and all it’s links and you will see that they are not set up correctly. This can cause problems with your breadcrumbs.

    Let me know how you go.

    Kind regards

    I tried adding the catalog as a separate menu item, but it still contains the “wrong” breadcrumb. My guess still is changing one of the .php files so it says what I want instead of the CataBlog Item…

    Maybe the plugin river could help me out here?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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