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  • Hi!

    In the email received by the user, the sender’s name and email are not those configured in the From sender override and From sender email override fields (as directed at -name-2/ ). I’ve checked the Always use From sender email override box. In the WP / General settings, I have already changed the Site Administration email. The title of the site is not what appears as the name of the sender user. In the Panel / Email Users / Senders field, after activating the plugin I set the name and email of the sender wanted, but the problem continues and this field is no longer editable. My server says that this is some configuration of the plugin or WP, but I do not know where else to change. In the installation of WP I remember that the site name and the administrative email are the same that appear in the email received by the user. However, when I click on reply to received email, the email I want appears. Also, the copy I get in the email I want as sender and I used in the plugin settings comes with the correct username and email sender that I wanted. What I need is for the user to receive with the username and email sender that I set up, not another. Would you help me?

    Thank you very much.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    This is a little hard to follow, can you clarify with a few things?

    For clarifying purposes let’s define some simple email addresses as placeholders:

    1. – email address used by admin and to set up WordPress initially.
    2. – email address of the user who is logged into the web site and plans to send an email message using Email Users.
    3. – email address override used to force a “from” addreess in the mail header which is different than the user sending the email with Email Users.

    Using these sample email addresses, can you describe what is happening and what you want to happen?

    One caveat to all of this is some hosting providers re-process the mail header when sending an email with Email Users. This happens after WordPress hands off the email message to the underlying MTA which actually sends the email. If your hosting provider does this, and not all do, there is nothing WordPress / Email Users can do to change the email header for the actual recipient.

    Email Users has a debug capability (Dashboard > Settings > Email Users – on the plugin settings page look for the debug mode checkbox) where it will display the mail headers as constructed by Email Users on the Dashboard. If the headers look good there and they are different after the email is actually sent through the MTA, then your hosting provider is modifying the mail header after WordPress hands it off.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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