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    Hi. I hope anyone can help me out here. I have a problem with the “Comments” in a post. I wrote a comment myself on one of my posts to test it, and the name and e-mail adress is not going away from the form. Even when I log out and visit the site as a non-member or not logged in, it’s still there. How can I get this form to clear after a comment is written? It’s not good if the last person who wrote a comment gets his name and e-mail adress public to everyone.

    To try to show you what I mean, it lookes like this:

    “Leave a Comment”

    Name: Here is the name and wont go away (this should be blank)
    E-mail: E-mail adress is still here (Should be blank)
    URL: (This is ok, and blank)
    Your comment: (This is ok too)

    I’m using the latest version of the Theme “Suffusion”.

    I have gone through all menues, but cant find where the problem lies.
    Please help

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  • I don’t think WordPress is causing you to see the name and email address, it sounds like your web browser is caching the info. Try clearing your cookies and cache and also try using a different web browser or computer to see if the info is visible to other users which is highly unlikely.

    I did clear the cache several times, but without luck. But what crossed my mind later on was that the IP for the person that comments is logged, so I think maybe that’s the reason the “Comment Form” remembered my name and e-mail adress. -Via the IP. So if I was to write a comment from another computer with a different IP the form probably will be cleared. So I figure that the IP for every person is logged and some kind of autofill for name and email take place in the commentform. Thank you for your help, mrdthomas!

    Your welcome.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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