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  • I like the ‘Links’ admin a lot, but the problem for me is that there is no effective way to style the category headings(e.g. Links(default)) in the link list in the menu. Due to the nature of my css design, this is killing me.
    In the “Links” admin, there is a way to format the Before Link and After Link, but there is no way to format the category heading. As it is, the category headings are left naked in the li which really puts the kybosh on styling them effectively. Right now the only way I can get anywhere is using some tricky contextual selectors, but it still falls short, at least with my design which relies on padding.
    Is there any way we could either

    • add the ability to format the category head (ideally, the ability to not show category heads, would be great too) just like we can for the links themselves.
    • add some sort of style hook; h4’s seem most semantic here, but even if they were tagged with spans and a class, it would allow much better css control.

    Of course there is also the possibility that there is a real simple way to do this that I am just missing, in which case just point it out to me and I’ll crawl back into my hole.

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  • If I am getting your question right, the “Links”(default) or whatever it is that you use as a header for the links-list can be styled using
    the fact that that is tagged using <li id=”links”>.
    Styling that is left to the css, and you can use the unique id.

    Yup this is no problem. It is just a case of pinpointing the relevant selector; something like ul ul li or similar. Or style by the ids for individual control.

    I don’t think you are quite right. If you select for li it will set the style for the category and the links as you say. BUT when you the style for the li a it will style the link only. Voila. HTH.

    So tell me how to add padding to the left of a category head ( li ) without adding padding to the followingâ€?nestedâ€?list items (li ul li ). They inherit the padding assigned to the parent li. I can tell I’m going to have to bust out the example, but I really don’t want to. I’m tempted to say forget about it, now that I’ve found a solution for myself. However, mark my words, this issue is gonna bite some asses ; )

    Yes but all links are differentiated by being li a. Hence all li a styling overides the previously set li styling. The only thing it leaves unaffected is the li category header surely? That is true for padding as well as every other style. You have got me going on this now. Any minute now and I am going to be hacking about on my live css. 🙂

    @zach. I have just altered my category header color to black temporarily. But the links are white. Is that what you mean?
    Please note my site is at prototype status only.:-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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