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  • Useful plugin that shows server CPU and memory load. Unfortunately, the author decided to place a nagware notice at the top of the admin area requesting money and/or a review. If you try to clear the large message, it comes right back after changing pages or refreshing the page.

    It’s fine to ask for a donation or a review, but to keep asking with every page refresh is enough to uninstall and avoid. Not recommended.

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  • Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    This is very wired because that thing you are talking about has been fixed many versions back. It is also bad to post a review of a plugin without updating it to the latest version.

    Just updated the plugin to the latest version and it has already been fixed many days back.

    I don’t ask for that over and over again by choice. It was a bug which has been fixed. So, please update your plugin and if it is fixed, then edit your review.

    Sorry, but it it is the latest version according to WordPress, 1.4.7 updated two days ago. I just re-installed the latest version to check what you stated and again it has the nagware at the top of all the pages in the admin screen, even after it was cleared it shows back up on a page refresh.

    It’s now uninstalled because of the two paragraphs on the top of each admin page. I stand by my review and recommend you fix the problems with the plugin. It can be useful, which I noted, but the nagware (even unintended) makes it problematic. To help you with troubleshooting your plugin, I’m using the latest version 1.4.7 as per WordPress, on WP 4.6.1, and using the latest Chrome browser.

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    For your information, I’ve just tested the plugin on 3 different sites and in all of them the notice is not coming back after closing it. I’m pretty sure there is nothing in your system that is causing this issue, most probably some sort of object aching. I’ve look inside your wp-admin to check what’s creating the problem on your system.

    It’s no longer installed. I had the plugin installed on two sites, both of which were on separate VPS servers. When I verified the issue after your initial reply it was on one of the VPS servers but a new install of WordPress. No caching plugins were installed at the time. The request for a donation and/or a review showed up as expected. Clearing it by clicking the “X” made it go away, but when I switched to a different page the message showed back up. I cleared the message again and refreshed the page and the message showed up again. I’m not sure why it is behaving this way on two different VPS servers.

    I don’t give out admin access to my sites/servers, sorry. In this case, the plugin has already been removed, so there wouldn’t be anything to see. I do wish you the best of luck tracking down the bug.

    Edit: Just to remind you, I did note the plugin was useful in the original review. I also gave it an average rating (a three) because of the unintended nagware bug, not a one-star. When you fix the message bug, this is easily a five-star plugin.

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    As I told you earlier, the bug has already been fixed and I haven’t seen this issue anywhere in all the syetems I’ve installed it. Unfortunately to debug it I have to see whats happening there. Actually when you click on the close button it create a wordpress transient to make sure you never see it. But for some reason if your system is deleting the tansient, then I must need to soo what’s deleting those transients. If you installthis plugin : you can see a transient named “wpss-donate-notice” time set to never expire has been created. But for some reason in your system something is deleting those transients. Which is causing the issue. But as I said earlier the issue you are saying has already been fixed. As I’m unable to fixed the issue on my end, so, I have to wait to see if any of my system show me that same issue ever again so that I can track it down and fix. Otherwise, there is really not much to do from my end.

    I had the plugin installed on an old site at Hostgator. It also had the nagware bug. It’s not a caching issue.

    Since I am a writer, not a coder, I thought I would edit the message for you to take care of some of the grammatical mistakes. At least this way I can help out a bit even though I no longer use the plugin.

    Thank you for installing WP Server Stats. It took countless hours to code, design, and test this plugin to provide you with useful server information on your WordPress dashboard. Even though this is a free plugin, it continues to take time and effort every time WordPress updates or to add in additional features. I’m not a privileged person, so if I can earn a bit to keep my lights on and help me to remain motivated, it would go a long way to making sure you can always rely on WP Server Stats.

    If you enjoy this plugin and understand the huge effort I continue to put into this project, please consider donating some amount (no matter how small). If you find this plugin useful, please take two minutes out of your busy schedule to share your opinion by reviewing this plugin. Again, thank you for using WP Server Stats and for your continuing support.

    I reinstalled your plugin plus the transients plugin. This is what I see in the transients results:

    ID Name Value Expires In
    35190 wpss-donate-notice forever Does not expire

    The bug is still active and continues to display the message even after removing it by clicking on the “x” in the display box, which makes the message go away until I go to another page or if I refresh the page, such as clicking on the “refresh” button in the Transients plugin.

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    This is wired. Very wired indeed. Not sure why it is not showing me this issue on any of my tests.

    If I able to reproduce it in my end, will be happy to fix it.

    Perhaps it is because I had the older version installed with the bug and the old transient wasn’t cleaned or cleared out by the new version?

    I tried to delete the transient using Transient Manager but it will not delete. That might explain why the bug is still there, but I’m not sure why. Same thing on the domain I have over on Hostgator. The transient will not delete there either.

    I tested this on my end and I only saw the message once. After I deleted it, I never saw it again.

    Just throwing my two cents in there if it helps anyone.

    Thank you, RRD. Did you have the old one installed first or did you do a fresh install?

    Anyway, if it works for clean installs this is a useful plugin (as I mentioned in the initial review). Hopefully someone can figure out why it sometimes does not clear the transient.

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    Hi @yourcaptchasystemsucks,
    I’ve just pished a fix hoping that this will fix the notice dismissal issue you guys are facing. As I was unable to reproduce the problem on my end and none of you guys feels confortable on sharing the wp-admin login so that I can debug efficiently, I just had to work based on hunches.

    Anyways, if you can please go and update your plugin to v1.4.9. After you try it out please let me know if this version fixes the annoying issue you guys were facing.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    Hi @yourcaptchasystemsucks,
    I have just released v1.5.1 with a complete fix for the welcome notice issue. Now no matter what server you are, what kind of caching system you have, once you dismiss the welcome notice, it will never show up again unless you delete the plugin completely and then again re-install it.

    Please try out the new update and let me know.

    Also I will really appriciate if you consider editing your review for this plugin.

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