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  • So –

    I’m trying to stitch together how to use this plugin.

    I’ve install it, have the api key in place, the form filled far so good – it will send emails (eg: request new password).

    By default, what *|mergetag|* do I need in my template for things like password recovery and other canned WP transnational emails? For example, when clicking the “send a test” the subject I have in the form appears in the email. The “message” of the test form never shows in the email. Obviously I need to know what merge tag to put into the template and what other merge tags does wpMandrill expect by default?


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  • Plugin Author MC_Will


    Hi Tony,

    You don’t need to set/use any merge tag in your template if you don’t want/need to. Specially for standard transactional emails sent by WordPress (password recovery and stuff).

    If you want to use a template, the default “editable zone” should be named “main”. It is, a HTML tag, div, span, whatever, with a mc:edit pseudo tag added to it. I.e.
    <div mc:edit="main"></div>

    Merge vars are special data or properties related either to an email batch (a general discount coupon code, for instance) or a certain recipient (a personlized discount coupon code for Freddie von Chimpenheimer III).

    I hope it helps,

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Here’s a good example of templates, editable zones, and general and recipient merge tags:

    Thanks Will!!

    Yes, it did do what I needed. It wasn’t painfully obvious to me, which sometimes it needs to be painfully obvious, that all I had to do was slam that little gem (<div mc:edit=”main”></div>) into the template!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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