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  • unfortunately, as with many plugins this one seems like a graet plugin, however it’s very poorly documented. the author does have the following (only a little helpful) faq page which might help you –

    Yeah I read that and it didn’t help. It sounds like the guy who made this doesn’t speak English. I see lots of people using this plugin on their blog so someone out there must know.

    I have the plugin installed on my site.

    I can probably talk you through it. There are several aspects to the plugin. Are you trying for the gallery?

    What other sites have you noticed that have the plugin running?

    Allthewhile, ok for example this site has the youtube plugin thing so you can play a clip right on his site. Thats what I want.



    Maybe I am missing something but just pasting the embed code in my post works for me. It doesn’t validate that way but it works.

    Jane, when I do that it just shows a red x with no youtube picture box.

    It’s weird… I tried putting the embed code in the topic box and I got 4 of the youtube video boxes in a row. When I put it in the subject box I get a red box and nothing. Whats the deal here. I’m so frustrated at this!

    jeff, are you using the rich text editor? Can you turn that off and then use the embed code and see what happens?

    lol, i had problems with this at first.
    especially with the css!! it kept breaking the thumbnails.

    anyway i made a few changes and got it working ok.

    see my fav gallery here:

    I can help you do that 😛

    PS for info.
    You need to turn Rich text editor off to create the gallerys or add a vid to your posts.

    Its under ‘users’ at the bottom of the page as its a user specific option.

    I just turned it off to create the gallerys and turned it back on after 😛

    Actually im not going to keep checking this post.

    if you want help mail me.

    vince {at}

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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