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    I’ve seen versions of this problem concerning vertical displays but I seem to have generated one involving a horizontal one!!!

    Basically I have a product image – fine no problem
    underneath it I want to display a series of thumbnails to form a gallery to occupy the white space between the product image and product description caused by having an unequal length shopping cart menu on the right hand side of a page. It seemed like a good design solution.

    The thumbnails are displaying and functioning when clicked into, but sadly they’re displaying as a thin strip and aren’t really recognisable to the viewer. In fact so low is their profile and so indiscernible they appear, a viewer could be forgiven for not noticing them at all. They seem to be displaying the top 10% of an image only

    Instinctively I feel it must have something to do with a setting I’ve inadvertently altered, or is somehow related to how I’ve entered the main product image?

    Way back when I started this I did muck around with this gallery option and got a thumbnail to display normally and in a way that you could recognise what it was an image of. So clearly it can be done, but somewhere along the line I must have done something now that’s causing it to appear as a narrow horizontal strip that can’t really be distinguished. You also feel that this must be a really straight-forward thing to resolve, but……

    Any ideas folks? as I also feel this could me my last stumbling block given that everything else is now functioning (I hope)

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  • Plugin Author James Koster


    Need to see a URL to help with this please 🙂

    Many thanks James.

    I’ve taken the under construction thingy off (I think) so you should be able to view the page in question thus (I hope)

    The thumbnails in question are appearing below the main product image. A closer inspection of them seems to indicate that they’re displaying the middle section of the image I want to display. They’re fine when you click into them, but instinctively I feel it’s something I’ve done in the set up. Originally I tested one out and it displayed fine, so I assumed I’d come back to it and finish it off as a last job. Now however they’re displaying as a thin strip.

    Plugin Author James Koster



    The problem is that your product thumbnails are only 15px tall. You might want to try using the hard crop feature for your product thumbnails.

    Thank you James

    You are of course correct. I do have the setting on 15px but was under the impression this is how I had to set them up to stop blurring due to something that was indicated in a right click on ‘inspect element’. I did have the hard crop box ticked, so am assuming that if I uncheck that they’ll return to something close to a default size? Other than that I suppose I could just play about with it putting a different specification in until such time as they display?

    I’ll have a muck about and see where it takes me

    Sadly… it’s taken me nowhere

    Urm….. you sense that should have worked

    I’ve reset the thumbnails at 149px and checked the hard crop box but they’re still displaying at 149 x 15px

    I’ve taken them out once, saved with the new specification, and then repopulated the gallery, and saved again, but that doesn’t appear to have done the trick. It’s as if there’s something else over-riding it?

    If it helps at all, when I inspect element, it defaults to an anchor tag saying ‘add product galleries’ which looks straight forward enough but a little ‘shout out’ message in a beige box appears on the right hand side of what looks like some CSS summary that says

    a 149px by 15px

    Now on the catalog tab in the Woo settings I’ve put the thumbnail in as 149 x 148 and checked hard crop but for some reason I’m assuming that this hasn’t taken?

    As I said, i’ve depopulated the gallery and put the images back in once with this new setting but it still defaults thus. I’ve gone through every page to see if there’s another image hiding somewhere to cause these default setting to kick in, but can’t find one

    It looks really straight-forward, and instinctively you feel resetting it at 149 x 148 should have worked, but it hasn’t. I’m now wondering if this ‘regenerate’ plug in that I haven’t used yet might hold the answer?

    It would appear that downloading and activating the regenerate thumbnails plug in was the final piece in the jigsaw. Initially resizing didn’t work, they displayed the same. It was as if something was over-riding the pixel dimensions, but when the plug in was installed and asked to regenerate them the new specification was applied

    So thanks again

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