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  • Anyone else experiencing this? I can’t link to the issue yet because the site is still un-launched, but the issue is that on the iPhone there’s a mysterious margin on the right, but (to make it weirder) only on posts — not on pages, which render correctly. I’ve removed all my custom CSS and it still does it, so it’s something right in the base/child themes somewhere.

    It’s as if one of the main, primary, or content divs, or the article element itself has right margin it shouldn’t, that’s only called on posts, never pages.

    More weirdly still, the theme author’s own site does *not* behave this way on my iPhone, where posts render correctly, with no margin on the right.

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  • Of all things, it’s apparently something in


    that doesn’t exist in the version the theme author uses, but exists in the current one in the themes directory. Not sure which bit, but that’s what’s causing it.

    Without seeing the site, it’s awfully hard to help with something like this. But make sure you don’t have any mark-up or CSS errors that are causing that problem. Open, stray, extra or missing tags might do that.

    If that’s not fruitful, try using Firebug to look at what’s going on with the CSS.

    It was the right-margin on the theme’s .nav-previous inside #nav-single. No idea why, no idea offhand how to stop it. For the time being, I’m just display:none’ing post navigation.

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