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    Published a post a couple of days back, and everything was fine. But today suddenly found that I could not add tags to a new post or when editing a post. Then I noticed that the short codes across the top of the post content field were missing. Could not switch between the visual and text editors. Could not pull down Screen Options or Help.

    Problem with Administration Panel > Posts, as follows: —
    Screen options and Help non-responsive.
    Cannot switch between visual and text editors.
    Short codes (text mode) have disappeared.
    Tags not working.

    Attempts to fix | Result

    Disabled plugins. | No difference.
    Repaired database tables and optimized db. | No difference.
    Switched to stock theme TwentyFourteen. | No difference.

    Tested other panels, all seem to be in order. This problem occurs within the Posts panel. Edit: Also within Pages. Same problem.

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  • The dev site running WP 3.8 with same child theme (based on twentyfourteen) on local server is working fine, even with the same plugins activated. Difference between dev site and online site is only two posts and a few comments. Made me wonder if the problem lies within one of the WP core files or possibly the server.

    Updated the core (…/wp-admin/update-core.php), but still the problem remains within the Posts and Pages panels.

    Different WP installations (3.7) on same server all okay, no such issues. This is shared hosting, so possibly a configuration has changed in the last couple of days and is conflicting with the AJAX? But why only in the Posts and Pages sections of the admin panel?

    Reset plugins folder and deleted inactive plugins.
    Put WP into maintenance mode, and deleted all files & folders EXCEPT wp-content folder, wp-config.php & root .htaccess file; then uploaded all files & folders from fresh download of WP 3.8.
    Still having the same issues with admin panel > posts & pages: —

    Screen Options & Help non-responsive
    Tags non-responsive
    Visual & Text editor tabs non-responsive
    Media upload tab non-responsive
    Short codes are missing

    This blog is (shared)hosted on a server running PHP 5.2.17, Apache 2.2.21, MySQL 5.0.96-community.

    Upgraded to 3.8 in December, and only today I find issues with it.


    I am having the same problems after updating WP. Please someone help.

    Hi livingthedreamjoe,

    In the meantime, I googled ‘WP 3.8 dashboard missing visual editor’ and came across this post: The final reply provides the solution to our woes:

    Here is the text from the link listed above in case the link goes down or what have you:

    WordPress Fix – Add Media Button Not Working
    on December 13, 2012 in Blog
    Hello everyone and this is a fix for a common issue in WordPress 3.5.

    WordPress Fix – Add Media Button Not Working

    Basically you’ve just updated your install of WordPress and bang! The Add Media button doesn’t work! What to do?
    Never fear, Carnfield is here – with a fix!

    Basically you need to open your “wp-config.php” file in the root of your WordPress Install.
    Search for this line:

    require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’);

    And just before it add this code:

    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );

    Now your WordPress Install should be fixed!

    So I gave it a go, and I’m happy to report that my dashboard is now back to what it should be. The code buttons now appear, the add tag button is responsive, screen options and help are responsive, and even the media uploader is working. So give it a try and report back if successful or not. : )

    Gethin Coles


    help! I did this, and it didn’t work. add media and screen option do nothing when clicked.

    Gethin Coles


    Arse! I think it the theme. urgh! Another day wasted at the wordpress coalface

    What theme are you using? Try activating one of the stock themes included with the WordPress download. Also deactivate all plugins. Does the error still appear?

    I solved the problem with this tutorial. thanks Daitya, 🙂

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