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    I have been working for days trying to find out why all of my feeds will not validate at FeedBurner (FB) or (FV) for

    The problem lies in what those two services see in an “XML” impediment to successful validation – and, with the error, feeds are rejected by a number of feed aggregators, as well.

    Strangely, the feeds show up fine when viewed in a web browser (I’ve done that in three different browsers).

    Here is the error, as seen by FB and FV.

    * line 250, column 1: Undefined channel element: div [help]

    <div style=”clear:both;line-height:1px;margin:10px inherit;”> </div></ …
    * line 250, column 62: Undefined named entity: nbsp [help]

    Here is line 250:
    Link to Feed Validator’s interpretation

    All feeds on the site have the same error on line 250

    Fix attempts:

    1. Thinking it might be a “blank lines program, I downloaded the Broken Rss Feed Fixer (BRRF) plug-in and deactivated the FeedBurner FeedSmith plug-in. The BRRF plug-in, if you are unfamiliar with it, produces a rss.xml file in the main WP directory. Once I removed everything between <div></div> from Line 250 in the rss.xml file, I went to FeedBruner and told it to go to http://citrustimes/rss.xml to get its RSS. Both FB and FV accepted rss.xml as valid.

    This is obviously a temporary fix, since I can’t generate feeds for FeedBurner that are based on category, posts, comments, etc., since the Broken RSS Feed Fixer plug-in only feeds the front page. Not only that, but the offending line is produced in all of the site’s feeds.

    Since the same error appears without the BRRF plug-in activated, it would seem to point to either a configuration problem, or something in the WordPress construction of what is seen by FB and FV as “valid XML”. If I could find that process in the WordPress core, perhaps I could eliminate the source of the error at the source – or as Barney Fife used to say, “Nip it in the bud. Just nip it.”

    I’ve Googled myself to death, and I think I’m drowning. I know how hard coders have worked on this, so I’m not reporting this as a bug – just an obstacle I need help with.

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  • What other plugins do you have?

    Akismet, Blog Protector, Clean-Contact, Event Calendar, FeedCache, Flexi Pages Widget, FLV Gallery, Generate Post Thumbnails, Google Analytics, Google News, Optimize DB, Page Links To, PHP Execution, Platinum SEO Pack, Regenerate Thumbnails, SimplePie Core, SimplePie Plugin for WordPress, Viva Zoom, WordPress Admin Bar, WP RSS Images, Zap_Recent_Commented

    SAME issue. My feed does not even show up period in a browser anymore. So frustrated!

    First, turn off anything that touches RSS (so WP RSS Images and Platinum SEO, which does IIRC).

    If that doesn’t help, turn off ALL your plugins. Test again.

    The plug-in was the flv-gallery plug-in; I was going to notify the author, but see the “visit plug-in site” goes to a church. Hmmm.

    All other plug-ins, including The Broken RSS Feed Fixer (which will remain INACTIVE now). Bottom line: All WordPress feeds will be the preferred feeds, and FeedBurner now points to – and that feed is now valid.

    Thanks for your help; I never suspected a NON rss plug-in like flv-gallery would be a problem … but there you go. Thanks again.

    OK; it’s late, and my English stinks at this hour:

    All other plug-ins, including The Broken RSS Feed Fixer, are OK to use. The feed fixer has now been retired (deactivated).

    Good night.

    Glad you solved it 🙂 the plugin debuggin’ ritual is a pain.



    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I Removed FLV GALLERY and My rss feed is now working again!

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