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  • I’m seeing a mystery in the log file for redirected pages (not 404). There is a large number of redirects in the log file that go to /all-post-and-messages.asp.

    1. We have created no such redirect. So how does this end up in the redirection log list?

    2. When you click on it, it does not redirect to any page on our website and, in fact, it doesn’t resolve to any webpage. No error code comes up, it just ends up a dead end.

    These appear to be coming from one or two IP addresses so I’m thinking its an automated cracking attack of some kind but I have no idea what it is or how it’s fooling Redirection into thinking its a redirect we created. And why wouldn’t it end up as a 404 if there is no redirection and no page?

    Can anyone solve this mystery so I can address this issue?



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