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  1. filosofia
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I've just created a site running off of WordPress (, which includes RSS feeds. I haven't launched the site yet; the URL is new, and I haven't linked to it from anywhere. I am dead-certain that there are no links to the URL on the web.

    But the server logs are showing requests from a number of RSS-specific search engines like intelliseek.com, pubsub.com, technocratibot, icerocket, and feedster crawler.

    The logs aren't showing any referrers - the search engines are just going straight for the RSS feeds. There are no requests from ordinary web search engines.

    How do the search engines know about the existence of these feeds? Does a WordPress installation automatically submit feeds to engines? Could my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) be phoning home? Is this part of the RSS spec that I just didn't know about?

    I'd secure the site if I cared about public access. I just want to know what gives?

  2. ifelse
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Under options-> writing, there is a textfield which contains a list of services which are automatically pinged when an entry is posted.

    Pingomatic should be in that list which, when alerted, will notify the other publication sites.

    If you don't want these sites to be alerted, clear the whole box.

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