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    Hope someone can shed some light on this, here is my page and here is my templatesilverOrchid.

    Basically i have separate category.php for each category and sub-category on the main menu and i created them all from my main index.php.

    The problem is that all the category pages are 18px louver from top and background is visible, looks like the body is that much lover (don’t know why). But main index looks just fine and no line is visible.

    I tried searching with inspect element and didn’t find anything (so frustrating) only thing i see there is empty this ” ” (not sure how this is called) it looks like a clue but still couldn’t solve it.

    If anyone have any idea, would love to hear it….thanx.

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    -Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.



    Hello t-p , I did check also with firebug and i see empty line just under the body=class ……but in css there is nothing that indicate what is it.

    Get my problem!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Can you post a screenshot of the issue as well?



    Hello Andrew, here is screenshot one and two.



    As i said before this is only happening on category pages which are copied from index page.

    I tried to find problem in css style but no luck, then i figured it must be some leftover code in category pages, but also didn’t find anything.

    Hope you see something i didn’t!



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    There are markups like <title>, <meta>, <scripts>.... that can be found just after the <body>. These things should be inside the <head> tags.

    There must be a duplicate wp_head() or something inside the category.php
    could you link to a copy of the file.



    Thanx guys for the help,

    here is category-13 which is the first on the main menu and header file also.



    Ok, maybe im looking something wrong…… was a good idea, didn’t remember that, thanx WPyogi, but even with w3 error report i dont see anything in header what is mentioned as error.



    Hello Ronangelo, please see my header file.

    This is the test site and i don’t have any seo or metadata in it, only thing i did place in header before i created the categories is a ad-sense links as you can see in my header file but they are in header-body.



    Here is what i did so far….

    1.copying default header.php from the theme (didn’t work)
    2.creating new category.php from default theme index.php (didn’t work)
    3.creating new category.php from default theme archive.php (didn’t work)
    4.editing css (body,wrapper,header,……..etc) (didn’t work)

    The <title>, <meta>, <scripts> which Ronangelo mention, this theme is creating by default and i didn’t edit any and also as i said before this is the test sub-domain and there is no meta entered ….

    Running out of ideas…….

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