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  • G’day, really strange problem I’d love some help with if you have a minute. Could be dead easy or quite complicated, but I’d really appreciate it if you gave it a shot.

    When you vist my site at you’ll notice that theres a single line of code at the top left of the browser that reads as follows:


    Now if you view the source of the page you can see that I’ve declared that line of code already within the header.php of my template, with the appropriate tags and for whatever reasons the code is being repeated after a short gap without the syntax:

    <html xmlns=""

    The code itself has something to do with Facebooks’s open graph protocol and was added as per the directions of a wordpress plug-in (I’ve had little luck getting advice from them so far). It lets me use XFBML tag (which requires the new JavaScript SDK via FB) and XFBML tags are peppered all over the site. Stranger still is that the single line of code disappears if you log in as a registered user of the site and the problem goes away. Even if I deactivate the plugin and remove the additional code from the header.php that the plugin asked me to add, the line still shows up when your logged out and still disappears when your logged in.

    I think the problem has more to do with Facebook and the plugin then wordpress, but I thought I’d ask you guys as well just to see if there’s a simple solution or if you have any ideas what to do. I’ve checked as many .php documents I could think of and none of them seem to have the code added in their.


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  • I should of added I’ve got Buddypress installed as well. And I guess I’m not expecting a straightforward solution but more of an idea how to troubleshoot whats causing the problem.



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