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  • The plugin has references to some unknown third party image caching service, “” — in two places in its code, in the file named “podcast-feed-player-widget.php” — on line 93, and again on line 303.

    Here’s an example of code lines referencing the third party service:

    $image_src = "//".$image_src."&w=".$size;

    Thus, the plugin seems to presume both that

    (1) some local image is connected with each podcast entry (which is not always the case)


    (2) that the services of the third party service are desired and obtained (not the case for us).

    We are seeing “broken link” image display while trying to use the plugin to display a podcast feed. We’re trying to use the plugin to display the very same podcast in two different themes on two sites, and, interestingly, one of the two reveals the above mentioned issue, while another does not.

    Can we get a fix, or otherwise get a version of the plugin that does not presume a local image is associated with each podcast entry, and that does not presume use of a third party image caching service?

    Thanks for any help or advice.

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  • The site showing the “broken image link” issue is here:

    Here is a screenshot of the broken link image issue:

    Here is mysterious IMG tag being outputted on every single entry:

    <img src="//" alt="Listen to [content here varies by title]" height="" width="" />

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    Plugin Author Douglas Karr


    Hi @dougjoseph,

    My apologies for the late response.

    • is an image caching and resizing service that’s free to use. My concern here was that I didn’t want to slow down someone’s site with the large image that podcasts typically require. I’d love to get your recommendation on this. I could make it default enabled and have a shortcode variable to disable it like cacheimage=”false”.
    • I’m fixing the issue with whether or not the image exists.


    Hello! Sorry I only just now saw your reply. Thank you! I will try to verify whether the fix (re: whether the image exists) helps with the cosmetic issue we were seeing.

    The the “broken image link” issue is still showing.

    I notice your reply was “3 weeks, 6 days ago” and the plugin’s last update shows as “4 weeks ago” – so I cannot tell if you have released a fix intended to address this issue or not.

    Thanks for any info you have.

    Plugin Author Douglas Karr


    Yes, if you view the change log, it shows the update:

    2.2.0: Fixed a bug where no image was still outputting an image tag.

    Thank you for trying! Regretfully even though we are using the updated 2.2.0 version, the unneeded image tag is still being outputted:

    <img src="//" alt="...

    The site showing the “broken image link” issue is here:

    Any ideas? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Douglas Karr


    Can you provide your podcast feed URL?

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