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  • Here is the site I’m working on:

    If you use chrome you can see small margin on the top. That’s true for every page except “Blogg”. On “Blogg” page where blog posts reside there is no margin.

    Now if you do the same on Internet Explorer you will notice that every page is totally off and weird whereas “Blogg” page is alright.

    I’ve spent three hours troubleshooting this weird behaviour.

    – I noticed that every page except the one with posts has contents of <head></head> moved below opening <body> tag. Chrome still handles it gracefully, but IE looks terrible.

    My question is – how is that possible? Something inside wordpress is manipulating DOM nodes!? Where, HOW?

    If I remove everything – and I mean everything – leaving just <html><head><title> and <body> tags in header.php and footer.php and

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    in page.php – I still can see <title> tag below <body> tag in chrome inspector (developer’s tool) although it obviously should be above it inside of <head> tag…

    My conclusion – somewhere in wordpress files (most probably not in theme files) there is something like “if (!page_that_contains_posts) annoy_the_hell_out_of_me_by_manipulating_DOM();”

    A slightest hint will be helpful. (I tried disabling all plugins, what else could I try?)

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  • May I say that your page looks better with no margin-top ?

    Haha, Yeah, for sure – I mean I want to get rid of that margin – but it’s caused by this mysterious bug, so until I know how to fix it I won’t be able to do anything about that margin.

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