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  1. bhagwad
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have a blog at http://www.bhagwad.com/blog. Some of my posts such as this one: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2009/technology/sidewiki-without-the-google-toolbar-in-firefox-almost.html are mysteriously redirecting with a 302 redirect not once, but twice.

    Here's how it's happening:

    Original URL: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2009/technology/sidewiki-without-the-google-toolbar-in-firefox-almost.html

    Redirected to: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2009/technology/sidewiki-without-the-google-toolbar-in-firefox-almost.html?45710980 (the characters after the "?" keep changing)

    Redirected back to: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2009/technology/sidewiki-without-the-google-toolbar-in-firefox-almost.html

    Because of this, Google Webmaster tools is rejecting my sitemap saying that it contains redirected URLs.

    I had installed the "scategory" plugin but then removed it. I've also deactivated the "Redirection Plugin". I've also gone to "permalinks" and resaved the structure.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thanks in advance

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