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mysql_num_rows warning

  • I get the following warnings duplicated a few dozen times across the top of the screen when searching
    Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in \wp-content\plugins\search-and-replace\search-and-replace.php on line 566

    It also seems that no matter what word/words I search for nothing is found.

    Using WP 3.5


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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Do you have more informations. I cant find a problem. Which php version do you use. Maybe a reinstall of the plugin and WP_DEBUG in the wp-config.php set to TRUE.


    I get the same message, but only when running on local WAMP server. I’m using DesktopServer from ServerPress (based on XAMPP). Never happens on a LAMP server for me.

    Would be cool to get this plugin working on a WAMP dev server.


    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    But do you have more input, I have also checked on XAMPP, not error message. Maybe you can describe, how you use the plugin, what you search. like via a screenshot.

    Hi Frank

    I’ve taken a screen shot and placed it on my server here: http://www.teamscience.co.za/search_replace.jpg

    I install plugin, activate and run a search for the domain (which I know is right) and I get a number of the Warning messages as you can see in the above screen shot. after the last Warning I get the following message:

    Looking @ all …
    Sorry, globaleventsmgnt.com is not found in this Database(globalevDBamuop)!

    Let me know if you need more info. This has always happend in my local DevelopServer install, so it may be because of a setting in one of the .ini files.


    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    @Brenten: can you send also a screenshot of your search, that I can see the strings? Thanks.

    I’m seeing the same error

    I did a search for “the” and it’s telling me it’s not in the db. I’ve done searches on things that I’ve verified are in the db, but it says they arent

    Hey there. Encountered this same issue. Also using a local, Windows-based stack (AMPPS).

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