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    I have both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 support at my host and I have been using MySQL 4 based databases with WP for over a year and no problem so far. Now I wanted to create a new blog/cms at different folder with the same host and wanted to use MySQL 5 database since MySQL 4 support would be out soon. But it just doesn’t connect nor does it obviously gets installed.
    My host suggests that in Database Host field, I need to put: localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock
    which I did but still no luck…

    Where am I going wrong?

    If simple installation is not working, should it mean I give up my hope of migrating my old WP blogs to MySQL 5?

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    You’ll have to resolve this with your host. A /tmp/mysql5.sock sounds wrong to me, because they wouldn’t put that stuff in /tmp, IMO.

    Ask them if they have the thing running on a port instead of socket-only connections. Then you can use localhost:3306 or whatever the port number is.

    It’s also possible that they didn’t use a backward compatible password when creating the MySQL5 database. More info here:

    Thats the thing. The CSR specifically mentioned this:

    Please make sure that you use the following hostname:

    though I do have a port no. as given in their support manual. But it just doesn’t work.

    I believe a host such as ICDSoft will use localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock for DB_HOST.

    Make sure the user and password are correct and the user has privileges to the database.

    yes that’s right but is it wrong or what?
    I have other Blogs to migrate from MySQL 4 to MySQL5. so if it cant get installed easily, it would be nightmare to migrate existing data, no?
    any help?

    MichaelH, I am using the master login details so that shouldnt be any problem. I can login fine with the same username/passwd at the control panel and my databse (as suggested by host) details are same. Though i have the ability to create new username with full privileges but even THAT didn’t work.

    Until you solve the ‘new installation on a MySQL 5 database’ problem, I wouldn’t move anything.

    Does your host provide you docs on moving from MySQL4 to MySQL5?

    You can use the phpMyAdmin to export and phpMyAdmin to import into the new database.

    yes there’s decent documentation on how to convert MySQL4 > MySQL5. But i guess that wd be useful for my other blogs which are ALREADY working. So for this, I created a new mySQL 5 database with host and other details as I mentioned above. But it didn’t work. The cranky thing is when I gave my acct details to CSR it just worked God knows how. and its just installed now but I am still in as dark as I was before… I need to install another installation in another directory perhaps just to see where was I going wrong. and I admit PHP and MySQL are not things where I am bright but there’re only 4-5 simplest fields in installation, how hard cd it be?
    thanks for your help everyone./

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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