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  • I keep getting the “MySQL server has gone away on line: 124” error when trying to access my admin for my site. About once every 20 tries the page will load, but the next click will fail so I can’t accomplish much. I’ve had this problem before and it mysteriously resolved itself. I can’t seem to shake it this time. I was running 2.5 but upgraded to 2.6 in hopes that it would fix it.

    I need help, let me know if there is further information needed.


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  • I’m also getting this same error after I upgraded to 2.6 version. And I have this same situation in all my wordpress blogs.

    So I would really like to get some fix for this one and like to get it fixed SOON, please.


    It sounds like a problem with your host server, not with wp – you need to chase your host provider on why their server is not upto scratch.

    @hotkee. Has nothing to do with the host server. I have other installations that are running just fine on the same server. Also, the front end of my site is working just fine, it’s only the admin side that is having a problem with the mysql server timing out.

    Well in that case have you got any plugins ? Try disabling them – maybe you installed some admin plugins?

    Nothing has been activated or updated recently. It just all of a sudden started on last Thursday. I had this happen once before, but it cleared itself up eventually. And only on this site, so I would like to find an answer so that I can prevent the issue again.

    Hi Thatedeguy,

    I was able to resolve my problem, actually same as you have. I did disabled all of my plugins and after that starting to activate them one by one and I had two plugins I wasn’t able to avtivate any more: “aLinks” and “Popularity Contest”. But who cares, now everything is working again.

    If you are not able to login at all to your blog then use your FTP or cpanel to get rid of those plugins and install them again. FTP is easy because you can download them in to your computer and then delete your plugins folder and I’m sure you are able to login again to your blog. All of those plugins are automatically disabled and you can copy them back to your blog and start seeing which ones cause any problems.

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks! I gave it a try. I only had to deactivate the alinks plugin though. The reason that you can’t reactivate the popularity contest plugin is that it really isn’t officially compatible with 2.5 or higher, but there is a fix.

    I’ll have to dig around with alinks and see if I can find an answer to that though.

    Thatedeguy, thanks for the link, I’ll give it a try.

    If you can find an answer to alinks please, let me know.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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