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  • I am trying to export and old product list that was done a few months ago by someone else. I cannot make updates to my them, my database nothing. Also when I export the item list it throws an error. So i decided to go into the MySQL and export the items from there. this is the sql script that I ran

    posts.post_title AS title,
    posts.post_content AS content,
    files.meta_value AS filepath
    wp_posts posts
    INNER JOIN wp_posts attachments ON posts.ID = attachments.post_parent
    INNER JOIN wp_postmeta files ON attachments.ID = files.post_id
    WHERE files.meta_key = ‘_wp_attached_file’

    now everything works PERFECTLY except that I am not getting the price of the items or the product code. can anyone please help me as I have no idea where to look for those columns?

    I didnt change anything. The entire database was installed using defaults. (according to the guy who did the previous install)

    as of now I get the Title the Description and the product images. please help 🙁 thank you so much in advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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