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  • I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to hire on the folks who run the MySQL Performance Blog in order to squeeze every possible inch of performance out of WP.

    In my experience, WP runs great when there are a few posts, however, if a company attempts to use WP as a CMS, and has thousands of pages imported as thousands of individual blog posts, then WP takes a nose dive in terms of speed and performance.

    In Feb. 2007, a vbulletin forum admin enlisted their services, and had positive results which s/he shared with the larger community. His/Her thread can be found here.

    I’m wondering if someone on the WP team, or even a WP blog admin, has also enlisted their services. What were the results?


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  • bolonki


    This query optimization was done for WordPress 2.2, before the WP team Automattically stopped caring about the non-profit side of things, and I think they did it with Peter, one of the MySQL Performance guys.

    But don’t blame the entire thing on WordPress, the THEMES are to blame for the excessive number of queries and of course the plugins you add. I recently tested a bunch of themes for queries and they ranged from just 13 to nearly a hundred! I tested this on a fresh 2.8 install with just one post.

    At some point there was a project called LitePress, which was a WordPress plugin that took control of the blog improving performance dramatically. I think the team should put put out a bare-bones Lite version of WordPress, it would be a big success. WordPress started out as a futuristically simple publishing platform, now it is featureistically bloated and impractical.

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