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  • I’ve installed wordpress, registered a MySQL user on the control panel of my site and put that info in the config file. That’s what I’m supposed to do right? Or am I supposed to put the login info for my site there? Anyway, I get the “Error establishing a database connection” error, even though I think I’ve done everything right. I haven’t changed the ‘localhost’ line, but I don’t have to, do I?


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    You might have to change that localhost line, if your hosting provider is using a seperate server for the database. Only your hosting provider can answer authoritatively.

    Installing_WordPress should answer any other questions you might have.

    Right, I’m still getting the error. In the MySQL settings on my control panel it says that there’s a Db called a certain thing and I’ve created a username for it, of which both are in the config file. It also says I can add a host, but when I do, it just says the the host is successfully created but it isn’t listed anywhere. I even created one named ‘localhost’, without results.

    I’m using, btw.

    On the 5-minute install is says “Create a database for WordPress on your web server” and that I additionally should make a MySQL user. That database they’re referring to is a mySQL one, eh?

    Maybe it’s my host..

    I’m a complete newb here, and I’ve looked through the codex for help but can’t really find anything that suits my specific needs.

    When you created a new database, what did you call it?

    Sometimes, the way some hosts are set up, MySQL automatically prepends your USER name, so that if your user name is haarball (I love it!) and your database is wp15, then its true name is:


    Same with any user you create. Plus once you create the user, you must give that user a password. And THEN you MUST:

    Add the user to the database giving it full permission (which is how it is defaulted).

    Does this make sense?

    Haha, nevermind. I wrote the mySQL info where it said “put your info here” etc, not between the apostrophes. Embarassing.

    Anyway, thanks. Works now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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