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  • I epxorted my MySQL 4 database and now want to import it into my MySQL 5 database. I used phpmyadmin to do so, following the instructions on, but each time I get this error:

    INSERT INTO wp_posts (ID, post_author, post_date, post_date_gmt, post_content, post_title, post_category, post_excerpt, post_lat, post_lon, post_status, comment_status, ping_status, post_password, post_name, to_ping, pinged, post_modified, post_modified_gmt, post_content_filtered, post_parent, guid, menu_order, post_type, post_mime_type, comment_count) VALUES (294, 3, ‘2004-09-03 23:13:59’, ‘2004-09-03 21:13:59’, ‘<img src=”” alt=”Sparen voor watt?” title=”Sparen voor watt?”/>Een week geleden was er de aankondiging, een officiĆ«le website was al in de lucht, en vandaag kregen we dan hoogstpersoonlijk bericht over ”Spaarwatt: het nieuwe spaar- en service programma voor in en om het huis. Essent en @home geven met Spaarwatt iets extra”s aan u als klant.” \r\n\r\nMooi, dacht ik aanvankelijk, ze gaan iets ondernemen om mensen weer eens bewuster te[…]

    MySQL retourneerde: Documentatie
    #126 – Incorrect key file for table ‘./spoenkje/wp_posts.MYI’; try to repair it

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  • I think I solved it. I used the table repair function several times, but that didn’t help. Then I saw one table, the wp_options table, that had some bytes overhead. So I did a repair only on that table. Then exported the version 4 database and imported it in version 5, and that worked.
    Strange though, why it didn’t work in the first place when I selected ALL of the tables and did a repair on them…

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