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  • Resolved Kasutan



    your plugin looks great and I really look forward to using it.
    At the moment though, I can’t create any topic.

    I checked my server logs and found an error message recorded when I first activated the plugin.
    If I understand correctly, the plugin tried to create a table called wp_topic, and received this message “Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.” The wp_topic table was not created.
    I tried running the same request again manually and got the same message.
    Is there a modified request that I could run in order to create the table?
    I’m using PHP7 and MySQL 5.6.
    Thank you for your help,


    Here is the original request :
    CREATE TABLE wp_topic (
    topic_id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    topic_name varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    topic_slug varchar(200) NOT NULL,
    topic_status varchar(20) NOT NULL,
    topic_type varchar(20) NOT NULL,
    topic_search_1 text,
    topic_search_2 text,
    topic_exclude text,
    topic_sources longtext,
    topic_aidbfc longtext,
    topic_aidbcat longtext,
    topic_skip_domains longtext,
    topic_min_length int(11),
    topic_cat int(11),
    topic_tag int(11),
    topic_tag_search2 char(1),
    topic_options text,
    topic_last_run DATETIME,
    PRIMARY KEY (topic_id),
    KEY topic_name (topic_name)

    ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci

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  • Plugin Author mtilly


    It looks like our index got too big for some installations with a recent change to MyCurator. If you can run the request manually, just change the length of the topic_name field to (190) and it should work. We’ll add this change to our next update.

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    Thread Starter Kasutan


    Thank you for answering so quickly, I certainly did not expect an answer during the weekend!

    I was able to run the modified query. The wp_topic table now exists, and I can create a topic and connect this topic to sources.

    According to other errors in the server logs, another table called wp_postsread appears to be missing. Would you kindly provide the SQL request for creating this table manually as well? This is not urgent.

    Thank you

    Plugin Author mtilly


    The following should work, please reply if it does, or doesn’t. Thanks

    CREATE TABLE wp_postsread (
    pr_id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    pr_url varchar(1000) NOT NULL,
    pr_date DATETIME NOT NULL,
    pr_topics varchar(500),
    pr_page_content longtext,
    PRIMARY KEY (pr_id),
    KEY pr_url (pr_url(190)))

    Thread Starter Kasutan



    the SQL request worked, thank you.
    I’ll keep an eye on the logs for other issues.


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