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    Hi all,
    I’m new to CMS websites, been doing static sites for years. I want to move my recipe website from ( to Goddaddy’s server ( I downloaded the wp-content file and uploaded to the new site location. That worked fine (after a little learning curve). Then I downloaded the WordPress database and uploaded the database to the new site location using myphpadmin. All of my work was at the new site, and I started to make some changes (widgets, plug-ins, etc.) and after a while I noticed that the site URL reverted back to the ( location. In the Mysqladmin data view of my database I notice many references to the ( location. So now both sites are screwed up since I inadvertently made changes to the first site. I am looking for a straight forward solution to be able to move a WordPress website, and Mysql database to another hosting server so I don’t have to start the website all over again from scratch. I have a clean copy of both (wordpress website and database)on my home computer.

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  • This is a “standard” problem when changing domains. You can change the domain in the settings area, but every hard-coded link in your posts/pages/etc will always point back to whatever URL you had at the start.

    I’ve found this tool that makes the change easy. I use it on every site that I do. it’s quick, and works well, so try it out.



    Before moving your site first deactivate all plugins and after moving reactivate them one by one.



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    Thanks for all the support. i started by
    1. Deactivating all of the plug-ins at old site.
    Than after a variety of approaches towards transferring my website to a different outside server,

    2. I used myPHPadmin to export/import just the wp-(comments, links, options, postmeta, post terms, term_relationships & taxonomy, usermeta, and user) tables from my old WordPress database.

    3.I than used the search and replace tool mention above (PHP Search|Replace Tool) on each of the tables.

    4. Activated my plug-ins on the new site location; I am good to go!

    Thanks again for all your support!!!!!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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