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  • I have a VPS with 8 sites on it. None of them are high traffic. I have 6 sites on there using WordPress. MySQL is crashing every 48 hrs or so, and my host has confirmed that WordPress is the issue. (MySQL is version 3.2.3.)

    I have WP-Cache installed on each site. Queries average from 20-35 per page load, depending on what plugins are installed.

    Does anyone have any advice that will help me improve the performance of WordPress and hopefully stop crashing MySQL all the time?

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  • Well if your host confirmed it, they probably gave you some proof, right? 🙂

    I’d start off with upgrade MySQL if possible. At least up to the 4’s.

    Anything in your webserver’s error logs?

    not to mention that, in theory, php code shouldn’t ‘crash’ mysql. bad mysql code crashes mysql! 😉

    I’d agree, it’d be good to know what queries or calls were causing the crashes.


    Interestingly, after more problems with the server going down today, I pushed the host about what could be the root cause, and this time they replied that they couldn’t find anything that stood out, but that it is an older RedHat 7.3 server and that I should migrate to a newer one. Considering that MySQL can’t be upgraded on this server, a move seems the best answer, though I’m thinking of getting a VDS with Myriad Network instead of staying with this host.

    Also, my error logs revealed a number of errors from client’s trying to access scripts that don’t exist on the servers. The requests had paths that included stuff like /board/index.php, /forum/index.php, /bbs/bbs.cgi, etc. I imagine this could be a bot looking for a script to exploit and perhaps that’s causing some undue load as well.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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