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  • My server provider is telling me that we have a lot of MySQL connections opening but not closing. This problem started when one of our larger sites went over to WordPress, so my conclusion is that there’s something not right here. It also swamped the server’s memory daily, which I think got back under control with the marvelous WP-cache2-plugin.

    Still, a lot of unclosed MySQL connections doesn’t feel all that stable and I’m afraid that I’ll have to reboot daily just to flush out the memory.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas?

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  • Anyone? Any ideas?

    sounds like the page is terminating early, and the connections aren’t getting a chance to close. at least from a layman’s pov. is there a timeout option for mysql? I mean, it probably won’t help much, but an inactive open connection for more than some number of seconds is a likely candidate (30, 20, 15, 10?).

    we’d really need matt or other core dev to respond to this one…

    Me too. Did anyone get an answer for this problem?

    I am experiencing this problem on my site too. And it’s a very small site.
    Within 10 minutes after reboot MYSQL stops responding because of too many connections.
    It all started after I opened some files in Microsoft Web Designer. (ok shouldn’t have done that)
    Now I have uploaded new WordPress 2.0.3 files.
    Let’s see what will hapen.

    Re-installing WordPress with 2.03 files didn’t do the trick. Next step will be installing wp-cache.
    All this hassle for a blog with only 10 posts and 4 pages……

    wp-cache helped a little. It took about a day in stead of an hour to hit my maximum connections level.I was using mysql version 4.1.17
    I have moved my site to a server with mysql version 4.1.20-standard. It looks like evrything ik OK now.

    What about add a mysql_close at the footer?

    Would that help?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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