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  • Resolved ihatescam


    i installed the plugin (Joomla/Mambo To WordPress Migrator) locally and i keep on getting this error each time i run the migration process:
    “MySQL Connection and Table Data not complete !!!.”

    i am confident everything is configured properly ( db names users and passwords) i triple checked it. my db to be transferred from joomla is 320mb
    not sure why, i hope someone can help.
    thank you

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  • Plugin Author christian_gnoth


    please check if you have selected seperate servers or one mysql server. if error still exists please send a screenshot of the option page to


    I also getting the message MySQL Connection and Table Data not complete !!!.
    I’m (almost) sure everything is configured properly
    I’ve installed wp and joomla on the same local host without a password for mysql. I’m not sure what to fill in at the images section path and folder.
    please advice



    I dont know that how to fill three feild

    MySQL Server: (normally localhost)
    MySQL Server User:
    MySQL Server Password:

    please help me!!



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    Contact your hosts for assistance. And next time, please post a new topic.

    Dear WP member’s, i got this message on my screen
    MySQL Connection and Table Data not complete !!!.
    im using Joomla/Mambo to WP Migrator Version 1.5.4
    im sure of my database config, i check it more than 3 times, but the issues still existing!
    Will apreciate any help!

    Plugin Author christian_gnoth


    YOu have to fill out the Plugin !!! Option Page – there are fields for the mysql connection data to joomla and wordpress! Check if you have seperate servers or one server and fill out accordingly.

    Thank’s christian_gnoth for your answer, i already solved the problem wich is the plugin do not support a password like mine [ empty ] on my local host, the solution is to edit the admin password or to create a new user with admin right with a password != of empty..

    Thank’s again

    Hello Sir,
    I have same issue………on my local pc please resolve this…



    Hello djerba,
    I cant understand please tell me in brief…….

    Dear uday.dahale
    In brief on my case my root password was empty as my phpserver provide it!
    The solution was to edit the root password but i got some troubles with it before, so i decided to create a new user with an admin right.
    And the issues was reslved 🙂 🙂

    Dear djerba,
    thx for reply…


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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