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  • I’m a new WordPress user who imported from Blogger. Because Blogger truncates and removes articles from post name URLs, my migration has not gone smoothly. I have about three hundred posts with URLs that I must correct. Modifying the permalink format helped with some of my posts that did not suffer from this issue, but the rest must be fixed by hand.


    I know little about MySQL, but enough to have it return all the post names in the “post_name” field. But when I try to edit that field, the edit function in MyPHPAdmin pulls up all the rest of the fields associated with post when I click on the edit button. Sure, I can edit the post_name, but saving saves all the information from every field and that is taking me a ton of time per post.

    What I’d like to is have it return nothing but the post names, then when I click on edit, it opens only the post names, not the rest of the post fields. Then I can save changes only to the post_name and not have to save the post_name along with all the other post data.

    The way I’m doing this now is taking almost a minute to a minute and a half to save the edited post. I have a relatively fast connection to the Internet, but it’s not a T1, so I’d like to edit JUST the post_name and save it alone and not have to resave the fields I’m not modifying.

    Any ideas of this is done? I’ve got to believe it’s possible. Doing hand work is bad enough, but waiting so long to save each correction is a nightmare.

    Does this question make sense?

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  • It makes sense, but as you realized: there is nothing related to WP but how MySQL and phpMyadmin work.

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