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    Hey there,

    I noticed WordPress are dropping support for IE6. Pivotal in my eyes. Bravo.

    Then I spotted the minimum server requirements when my install failed. Oh dear. I’m in trouble.

    My PHP version is fine. But I’m running MySQL 4.1.22-standard and if you’re in this post you’re probably the sort of person that knows that 3.2 needs MySQL 5.

    I have a cluster of sites (most WordPress) running on the same server. I’m not a network admin so I wouldn’t even know how to start upgrading and checking that all the DBs / sites came across intact.

    I’m running WHM 11.28.87 on a Centos box.

    My immediate thought was to look at EasyApache and fiddle with some stuff in there. But then I’m worried about breaking tables and losing data.

    Does anyone have any clue as to an upgrade strategy in a scenario like this?

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    You had it right. Do it in EasyApache. When you get to PHP version, you pick 5, and then pick the specific sub version. I’m running WHM 11.28.87 on a Centos box too and I did that to upgrade to 5.3.6 this morning (from 5.2.17).

    Thanks for the reply. Are you talking about MySQL or PHP? My PHP version is ok. It’s the MySQL install that’s the problem.

    From what I understand, a lot changes between MySQL 4.1 and 5 which has more potential to break.

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    Oh hah. I was thinking PHP. Brain fart.


    Go to WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings, scroll down to “MySQL” section. You may have 5 installed and just need to activate it.

    If you’re on a managed VPS, though, you can always ask your host for help.

    Cheers. I had a look but the option isn’t there.

    I’m not on VPS. My service provider has an extortionate hourly rate for things like this so I like to try to avoid where possible.

    So right now I’m still stuck.

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    The official directions:

    But … yeah, it’s a risk :/ Unlike PHP you can’t go back. Make REALLY good backups of everything (from sever to your DB). But. If you can’t do it, then you pay someone to do it, and that’s how the world works.

    I finally did my upgrade on Friday just gone. And it was relatively pain free.

    WHM has an “Update MySQL” option in their control panel. I ended up just using the GUI for that. After you update, it makes you recompile PHP with EasyApache.

    I did have a problem with backing up MySQL from the command line, and it related to corrupt tables for webmail clients. I managed to overcome those.

    My learnings came in bits from this post on the Cpanel forum:

    But ultimately I only needed to back up from the command line and use the GUI for the rest.

    To be honest, a phpMyAdmin backup may have sufficed but I didn’t want to take any chances!

    Anyway, I have 3.2 BETA 1 up and running. Now to try RC1!



    I’m having an issue upgrading to MySQL 5.0 on Yahoo. I am NOT a database person and don’t have a clue as to how to upgrade on Yahoo. I’ve searched everywhere on Yahoo and called customer service (no help!).

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    ocice – You need to talk to Yahoo about this. It’s not an easy thing to do.

    I spoke to Yahoo. They are not upgrading just yet, so I have to hang tight. Thanks!

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    I would seriously consider leaving Yahoo, if that’s the case. It’s rather deplorable to not be updating MySQL to version 5 in 2011.

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