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  • I could be wrong, but let me try this…

    Basically, when you go to – you’re technically pulling up their index page, which is usually either index.html or index.php… so even though you don’t have to put that in the address, when you go to a site’s homepage, that’s what the browser is pulling up for you.

    In regards to wordpress, since your theme is what’s being called up and your information is on a database, also being called up, the two are being put together in ONE .php file (maybe one of a possible two or three, depending on your theme) as opposed to creating “about.php” it’s taking the information from “about” and putting it on the .php file for site visitors to see. then for your archives page, it’s taking the database information for “archives” and putting on that SAME .php file that it used for the about page – the information isn’t stored as a .php file is what it basically amounts to – since it’s a dynamic site, and not a hard-linked site.

    Does that make ANY sense to you? (Sorry if I didn’t explain well, but let me know if you’re confused and I can try again…)

    Some SEOs think that in permalinks a trailing *.html is better than just having a folder “”, so they think “” would be better. You can achieve this by changing the permalinks e.g. to “%postname%.html”.
    However, as far as I know do you have no option to change it for pages in WP.
    Also, I think “*.php” does not make sense.

    Michael_ – I’ve been an SEO for over 5 years now – I’m here to say that it doesn’t mean squat. 😉 I’ve tested this out on a few different sites. It sincerely makes NO difference whatsoever.

    That said, your .html change suggestion does only work with posts, and not pages, and wouldn’t affect the scheme of things in terms of what this person is looking for… although if someone was dead set on it (why… is beyond me) this is a good reference.

    But to stay on topic – there’s really no way to do this for pages, unless you create a separate template for each one that happens to match the name of the page… but that would be weird and unneccesary too.

    Sorry I am interested in doing this for purely
    shallow reasons. I was only planning on using
    WP for my blog but am now thinking of creating other
    pages on it. All my other pages on my site are
    basically “page.php” so I was wondering if wordpress
    had the ability to rename pages this way so it could
    all look uniform.

    See, shallow. 😀

    Thanks for your responses!

    Consistent form isn’t shallow. I get upset when my digital camera makes all the .jpg extentions upper case (JPG).

    rofl jim – i do too!!

    it’s not about shallow – it’s about what you’d like to see. (even if it doesn’t really “mean” anything, or affect anything either way), you still know what you like to see, and since it’s your site, you’ve got every right to inquire!

    wish i had a better answer for ya though… sorry!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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