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  • myPress is a WordPress plugin that allows crossposting, editing, and deleting of posts from myspace.

    Now, there are only a few people that have used the script, so I would like some opinions, comments, feedback, etc.

    The code is based on the myspace wordpress hack, which was converted to a plugin. Which was then converted (using some skeleton code from croissanga) to allow editing and deleting. Next the options pane was added (with a few extended options), and finally, autogeneration of the required SQL table.

    You can find myPress at

    I would love to hear any feedback people have to offer.

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  • Hi, I’m trying out XrisXros but after I activated the plugin, it said it cannot load the xrisxros-admin file to open the options page. How can I resolve it? I copied the files exactly as described in the instructios to the plugins location.

    i’ve tried this plugin… it installed fine and I entered all the information required, made a new post and then nothing… nothing showed up on myspace in the blog there…

    It was working just fine before, well before they changed the name of it and I upgraded to the XrisXros version rather..and since I moved the blog from to just it wasn’t working…so I’m not sure what’s going on with it..maybe I need to do something in the DB or something..

    All the info in the CP for the blog was even updated to point to just the any suggestions would be great. Even though the author has been saying lately, that MySpace keeps changing things, and that he might just forget it all together…so I dunno about that either lol.

    But I just dis-abled that plugin and removed it all together now..


    Disappointed that this plugin is not going to work, and can i not syndicate my WP RSS feed onto MySpace? Shucks. I don’t really want a MySpace, so much as my blog needs a presence there to refer spacers back to my WP.

    I know what you mean Dgold. I just enjoyed crossposting my Blog articles to my “MySpace” Blog without having to repost it again, and again, from the main blog to that crappy MyShnitzPlace one sigh.. Oh well..I’m planning on deleting the MySpace account anyways, it sucks, plus I just don’t have time for it anyways haha..


    Here’s my latest blog post about it, and there’s a link to the Author’s site, named “dropping it”. I gotta fix the “link’s colors” for the whole blog then..sigh.

    I would love for someone to get this working again!! If I had any skills at all, I’d do it…damn me.

    I know what you mean splunk..sigh.. But, I just gave up on all together now.. I just have too much to deal with, and as for MySpace, I personally don’t need an account there any more..

    IMHO, MySpace isn’t anything special, and it just makes more work on me, because..I’d have to update that blog/space all the time, besides my main blog.. and I’m just tired of it.. =(

    If the original author comes up with a fix, or continues this, I *might* try it all again..but, I highly doubt it lol.


    My Ex-Wife found my, MySpace posts about her LOL!! So I just removed the whole account, but she already new about it all anyways.. I told her I was going to remove them before, but just forgot about it.. that shows right there, how much I worried about, and updated my, “” stuff lol!!

    Man, there definitely is a need for this plugin. I’m trying to do the same thing now…

    When I tried to use it, it didn’t work for me either.



    Yeah i came across this plugin about 2 months ago and did some research looking for something that works and so far nothing. I would this there would be a real need for a plugin of this type for cross site promotion. I see so many people linking to from their myspace page.

    I think I’d be willing to pay for this plugin if someone would start up development of it again.

Viewing 10 replies - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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