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  • mannkind


    myPress is a WordPress plugin that allows crossposting, editing, and deleting of posts from myspace.

    Now, there are only a few people that have used the script, so I would like some opinions, comments, feedback, etc.

    The code is based on the myspace wordpress hack, which was converted to a plugin. Which was then converted (using some skeleton code from croissanga) to allow editing and deleting. Next the options pane was added (with a few extended options), and finally, autogeneration of the required SQL table.

    You can find myPress at

    I would love to hear any feedback people have to offer.

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  • overtech


    Script doesn’t work in WP 1.5 and is poorly coded. You make an absolute reference to a directory structure that can only exist on your web server… at least briefly check your script for compatibility before making public.

    The script also keeps trying to create a table that already exists, even after following the proper method of setting up the script as displayed on your blog.

    Also, if you want comments, how about enabling comments on your WP?



    overtech, perhaps you should try some constructive criticsm before being a jerk.

    The script works in 1.5. Obviously I’m using WordPress 1.5, I’ve done many tests on fresh wordpress installs, and I have had feedback from many people using WordPress that it works fine.

    First there is absolutely NO absolute path being used that is directly related to my blog. There are two references to an absolute path. The first is in the readme/download page, the other for the cookie in the Options page. Let me just say, for the record, that these are examples, and obviously need to be changed by the user.

    Readme/Download Page: There is an abs path reference to /blog/wp-content/… blah blah blah. This is not even how my site is laid out. Perhaps you should have looked at the URL before accusing me of this.
    I put the /blog/ in because people seemed troubled by wp-content/plugins. I received a few emails asking for an full example path. So I gave it to the users. I fail to see how an example full path fails the compatibility test.

    Options Page: The second full path is on the options page. /tizemp/. Do you think my host has /tizemp/. This obviously needs to be changed by the user. Perhaps I should change the default to something like /you/need/to/change/this but… nobody yet (besides you) have commented on this. If I get a few more comments about it, I would gladly change it. As it stands, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for most users.

    Creation of the SQL table: You are correct, the script *checks* to see if the table is created, and if not, creates it. I do suppose a button could be installed on the Options page saying “create SQL table” but, I was trying to make things transparent for the user. I had many people write and ask how exactly they should use the .sql script that was included in previous versions. It was obvious users didn’t know how to do it, so I thought I would make it automatic.

    I do wish your criticsm would have been construtive rather than rude. I tested the code on my wordpress install, a family member’s wordpress install, and on many fresh wordpress installs. They all worked without a hitch. Versions ranged from 1.5.1 to (now…)

    As far as ‘comments’ go… I do have comments enabled on WordPress. I don’t have them enabled on the download page because I’d rather it not become cluttered with comments. However, there are plenty of frontpage posts dealing with mypress as well as email. Again, please try to make criticisms construtive, and try to think of why I *may* have made certain decisions with *my* website. Just because it doesn’t conform to how you *think* I should have done it doesn’t mean it is wrong.

    If you have [constructive] criticism, I would be glad to listen. If you are just going to complain because I am trying to provide something that many users want in an easy to use fashion that you just cannot comprehend, don’t bother.

    How weird. Both posters have sites that are either completely not there, or 404 errors.



    “overtech, perhaps you should try some constructive criticsm before being a jerk.”
    Really? I felt that Overtech was quite fair with his comments esp. WRT to table creation. There’s no need to get defensive.



    ifelse – how is this even remotely constructive? – “Script doesn’t work in WP 1.5 and is poorly coded … at least briefly check your script for compatibility before making public”

    I think that is pretty insulting. I did check the script, *a lot*, before releasing it. I used many installs of wordpress and used other people’s installs as test beds. I also have had feedback from people using it that it works in 1.5. And *I* use 1.5. The above quote is *not* constructive .

    WRT to table creation, he is probably *seeing* it try to create the table because he has *not* installed it as the instructions example. Yes, the script checks for the table, and if it doesn’t exist, trys to recreate it. Automatically, without user intervention. Obviously if the plugin *isn’t* installed correctly the user will see the error trying to check/install the table. If it were installed correctly the user wouldn’t see it.

    I can verify both of these things by simply moving the mypress folder one level up. From wp-content/plugins/mypress/mypress/*
    to wp-content/plugins/mypress/*
    and I get weird option errors AND I get errors about it trying to use the fuctions to check and create the table.

    I’m really not defensive, but rather shocked that I could put quite a bit of work into something, and have someone basically say “it sucks”, seemingly because they fail to comprehend what an ‘example’ is and how to follow instructions.
    Now it’s fine for him to think that the plugin sucks, but the above quote is espeically rude. I asked for constructive critism, not “it sucks” criticsm.

    The truth is that it *does* work with 1.5.1->, and I did many hours of testing, deployment testing, user testing. You see errors when it is not installed correctly.

    There is a *chance* there is a conflicting plugin. However, overtech doesn’t bother to provide any information, anything helpful, except basically that “it sucks”.

    As far as the site 404’s, I do appologize. I just received an email from the admin about it. The site should be back up and running now.

    I would like for the plugin to work with my future posts. Rigth now anything I post in the future on my site is posted instantly on MySpace. Any poitners?

    I’m not having any luck getting posts made in WordPress to show up in my MySpace page. I’m using WordPress 1.5.2. Is MyPress compatible with WordPress 1.5.2?

    I too, haven’t had any luck with the crossposting.


    okay i’ve narrowed down the problem with mypress but i don’t know how to fix it. it seems to be the admin and driver php, i think it it’s the get_option ( ) but i don’t know where to go from there. my browser says it’s line 3. anyone?

    i have been using this plugin since it first got released and have no problems at all with it, i don’t understand how you people are having problems with it.

    dude, look i would love for it work, i wish i didn’t have a problem, but i do and i’m here looking for help. all i know is that all i get when i use this plugin is a screen that says: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_option() in /home/sjchase/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mypress/mypress_files/mypress-driver.php on line 3” and that’s it no cross posting no nothing. so thanks for your help. maybe i got a bum version i don’t know i updated my wordpress to 1.5.3 and tried installing and redownloading the plugin twice. if you have any constructive suggestions let me know. but the best i can tell there is an error in the code, if you have an error free version of the code please email it to me:

    I may not be getting any errors, but neither am I getting any posts on MySpace. I guess the questions I have are these:

    1. Is there supposed to be any kind of option on the “Write Post” page that will show me anything to do with the MyPress plugin? I have already updated the Options page with my username and password and everything, but there isn’t anything in the Write page that’s telling me that my blog is even attempting to update MySpace. At least Live+Press has stuff listed there. 🙂

    2. Here’s the output from the database:
    mysql> select * from myspace_wp_post_map;
    | ID | post_ID | myspace_ID |
    | 1 | 26 | |

    That’s it. Any clues as to why it would be doing that? At the very least, it seems to be telling me that, as I had thought, it hasn’t even attempted to post anything.

    Can you run this and Live+Press at the same time? I was hoping to be able to, but I’m also posting, and nothing goes over to myspace. No error messages, but also no posts.

    i have also had problems with both of them working, so i disabled livepress.

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