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    I went to log into a site today, but the password didn’t appear to work. I did not get the typical red text that accompanies an invalid login attempt. The login box shook and cleared out the password.

    I reset the password via myphp admin, tried again…still didn’t work. Continued this a few more times. Then, reset password, tried to login, failed and returned to myphp admin to investigate. It appears that the password keeps getting reset to a different password upon a login attempt. No other filelds I alter are changed.

    Could this be a hack? Where do I start trying to track that down?

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    There are other ways to try.

    You can check your site at

    oh great! Okay….looks like it isn’t malware. Thanks for the site.

    I will move on to the other codex link you sent me. Appreciate the help.

    @kmsessinger – do you have any other ideas for me.

    I used almost all the suggested ways to reset, including the ’emergency.php’ file and none of them are letting me in my site.

    I also ran the check you suggested and nothing shows up. I am at a loss.

    All passwords are encrypted in the database, so if you changed the pass of your Admin account via phpMyAdmin to an unencrypted password, it won’t work.

    If your site allows you to register a new account (even a subscriber account) do so.

    Then go into your database, and to the user table. Copy the pass that you know from the new subscriber account, paste it into your Admin account, save the changes. You should now be able to log in to your Admin account with the known password.

    Hey Bill – thanks for the suggest. Unfortunately I can’t register a new user.

    So, following the instructions in the codex link listed above I followed their steps that said to select MD5 to encrypt the new password once I keyed it in. Which I did… are those steps inaccurate?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Please post a url for the site in this format.

    sitename dot com Spell out dot.

    ekyhelpingourselves dot com

    So, last night I decided to just completely uninstall the wordpress installation and reload it from a backup. Seemed to be working fine. Now, I am having the same problem that I had before. Won’t let me login again using the first admin created. This time, I immediately made a second login when I created the page.

    Now the second login works from a computer from another location. Different ISP. Neither login works for me.

    So strange.



    @kmssinger…. well I kinda feel like a dummy. I figured out the problem.

    I have use – instead of the normal /wp-admin

    I don’t understand why, but that seems to work every time.

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