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  • Guys I’m incredibly sorry for this, but I have to do it. I have to ask where in the crap do I get the myhacks.php file and how do I install it. I’ve searched these forums all day and have found many references but no download.
    I’m horribly sorry about this but somebody has to be the uber-nOOb around here, and it might as well be me. 😛

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  • skippy



    myhacks.php is not included with WordPress, and is not directly available for download from anywhere. You need to manually create the file yourself.

    Ooooooooooo I see. Okay then. Is there a “need to know” file anywhere? Any ideas where to begin?
    I can create all the files I could ever need, just not sure what’s supposed to be in this one.

    Ok thanks guys. Sorry for the intrusion. Carry on.

    it is not bundled in WP installation, coz u might accidently overwrite ur fully loaded version with a blank one! 😀

    That’s a really good idea on Word Press’ part. I’m tinkering with it now. It seems like a good idea in theory to have a sort of “plugin style sheet” or “pss” as I’ve dubbed it. A bit rocky start with lots of parse errors but I think I’ll get the hang of it.

    hehe – and then you get like me and you finally create a my-hacks and run screaming your head off cuz it don’t work (which is what i did, just not here) and then it occurs to you…hmm…do you have to enable it?
    oh! duh! Silly Me 🙁

    some nightlies did not even had the option. fixed in the latest nightlies 🙂

    Regardless of what I do, even if the code is perfect, anytime I put code in the hacks file it comes up parse error. After checking and double-checking, it is always parse error.

    It’s curious because it always says it’s an “unexpected function” or “unexpected require” something of that nature.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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