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  • I’ve just installed myGallery 1.2 plug-in on my wordpress 2.1 based blog following the “step-by-step” guide in this forum.

    The problem is that the plug-in admin pages are blank (no error message!) and the activation of the plug-in hasn’t created any tables on mySql DB.

    Anyone can help me?


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  • Have you contacted the plugin’s author? They may have not updated their work to 2.1 yet.

    The author knows the problem.

    We will probably find an update for WP2.1 on in next days.

    myGallery does not work with the current version of WP (2.1) for some users. As far as I found out this is because of two reasons:

    1. When activating the plugin for the first time, the installation-routine is not called upon which has the effect that, among other things, the necessary database tables are not created. This is because of an incorrect statement.

    2. If you open the myGallery options in your Admin-Panel, just a blank page shows up. This is caused by a statement which cannot be processed correctly if you work with the administrator-account which was created during your initial WP installation.


    Here’s a workaround for myGallery under WP 2.1:

    1. Deactivate the plugin. Now open the file …/wp-content/plugins/mygallery/mygallery.php and goto line 382. Here replace

    if (isset($_GET['activate']) && $_GET['activate'] == 'true') {
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/mygallery/myfunctions/mygalleryinstall.php');
    add_action('init', 'mygallery_install');


    // MODIFIED: if (isset($_GET['activate']) && $_GET['activate'] == 'true') {
    if (isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == 'activate') {
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/mygallery/myfunctions/mygalleryinstall.php');
    //add_action('init', 'mygallery_install');

    Now acitivate the plugin again. The three tables *prefix*_mygallery, *prefix*_mygprelation und *prefix*_mypictures should have been created in your database (whereas *prefix* stands for the prefix which was defined during the WP installation).

    2. Create a new account with sufficient rights – respectively replace the administrator-account which was created with the installation of WP with a new one. Now you shouldn’t have problems with blank pages of myGallery in the admin-panel anymore.


    If you are interested in the details: A security-statement checks on $user_level which is always empty for the account which was created during the WP installation. This is known at WP ( and was not found to be an error.

    IMPORTANT: The author assumes no liability for any changes made due to this information!

    I can’t edit my posting, but the direct call of mygallery_install(); is quite dirty, you will have to comment this line out once it has been installed!

    Are you planning to patch myGallery without us having to use the workaround?

    Thanks for your hard work!


    Well, it worked fine for me on WP 2.1…..

    As I am not the developer of the plugin, I don’t want to provide any downloads or something.

    But on his website the author wrote, that he will provide an update “in a few weeks”.

    However, the workaround is pretty easy in my view…

    Gotcha. Thanks!

    Does anyone have any insight into this problem? I’ve searched the threads and this seems to plague a lot of people, but nobody seems to know how to fix it. This is not an upgrade issue in my case, as I never had WP or any sort of database running – it was a fresh install. I tried the workaround and wasn’t able to get it to work.

    The error I’m getting is:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘seimoneaugwp.wp_mygallery’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT name FROM wp_mygallery WHERE name =”pix1″

    This example is from my recent attempt to install Mygallery, but I’ve gotten the same error with fGallery and a few events plugins…

    any ideas? Could this be related to php memory, or do I need to change something in wp-config?

    No, this has nothing to do with PHP memoryr. WordPress is trying to access the table wp_mygallery in the database seimoneaugwp. Seemingly, there is no table wp_mygalleryin the database seimoneaugwp. so – check if this is the database you are currently working on. afterwards check if the tables exist in this database – with this prefix “wp_*”.

    Thanks for the reply! I’m so glad my problem isn’t getting ignored. I logged into phpmyadmin and this is what I see:


    Nothing relating to wp_mygallery at all. I’m guessing I’d have to create the table from scratch (not that I would know how to go about doing this)? Could it be something with the username that’s preventing MySQL from generating the table? Odd, since the tables for these other sections were made just fine…

    I’m willing to take whatever steps necessary to learn how to go about fixing this – please let me know the next thing I should do.


    are these tables in the database seimoneaugwp? does this db even exist?

    >This example is from my recent attempt to install Mygallery,
    > but I’ve gotten the same error with fGallery and a few
    >events plugins…

    this points out that you seem to have a general problem, not a mygallery specific one. in this case, I guess that you have a spelling mistake or something in the database name. however, if this problem only arises with mygallery, then check if you have proceeded like described in my workaround, that is: deactivated plugin, modify code, activate plugin (and afters comment out this one line). only if you modify the code like described in my workaround, the necessary tables will be created!

    seimoneaugwp database does exist – and the sections I listed were the ones that showed up when I opened phpmyadmin for this particular database.

    I will revisit the workaround and see if I can get it to work.

    scavenger, you are my hero for the day!

    It worked. I wonder if a similar fix would work for the other plugins I’ve had trouble with. 🙂

    The funny thing is, I tried the exact same workaround last night, but it only worked this second time. I have now made two extra users beyond the original “admin” I generated for WP. Will I always have to use this 3rd username from now on?

    I’m just thinking ahead for when I use this for clients… maybe I’ll have to leave the making of users until the very end of the process, once I know that all the plugins are working, etc.

    thank you so much!

    glad to help 🙂

    3rd user name? In my view you should definitely create a non-standard admin-account for security reasons…

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