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    Hi there,

    Finally I managed to log in here. Thank you to WordPress.com Happiness Engineer :).

    Ok, I moved MyDestiny2011.com to MyDestiny2011.org on November 2012. It's followers has grown since, I received numbers of e-mail notification on new followers, in my e-mail everyday, unfortunately, my followers count (the number I saw beneath my stats control) remain @ 54, it doesn't grow as it is supposed to. I don't know why.

    I have posted a similiar issue back with wordpress.com, one of the support staff managed to update the followers count, but all of suddent, the numbers drop back to 54.

    Please someone help me with this issue. Thanking you in advance


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    Thank you to James of WP.com support for this. Now I need help on users i.e subscribers of MyDestiny2011.org. Apparently all those email I received were for subscribers. Is it possible to transfer them as follower. Please assist me on these. Currently there are 49 subsribers in my 'user setting'.

    This is forwarded e-mail from James, support word press.com to me.

    It's something specific to self-hosted WordPress.org blogs, but it means that people are registering to access parts of your Dashboard. I'm pretty sure that they only have access to their profiles, but WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different enough in this aspect, I'm not entirely certain.

    I recommend asking about this at http://wordpress.org/support/

    Kind regards,

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