• We are an advisory / research firm, and we’re all about content. We create our own content, but we also aggregate interesting content from others.

    Over the last 12 months, we’ve tested three different content searching / capture / aggregation engines. The first one was very expensive and took a long time to configure. And even when we got it working, it still took a long time to finalize and post each item. The second system was not only costly, but also confusing. We had to configure the search terms and sources via a web UI, and changes took 24 – 48 hours to go live. It took us weeks to configure the system, and even then it didn’t find the content we needed. And then we found MyCurator.

    Installation took 3 minutes. Configuration took 10 minutes. And content started coming in just a few minutes later.

    MyCurator is low cost, light weight, and works well.

    A few days later, we had an idea for a new function we wanted to implement. We sent an email to Mark (the plug-in’s creator), and just a few minutes later we had the answer.

    My advice — before spending big money on a curation engine, try MyCurator. I only wish we had started there in the first place.

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