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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    myCRED 1.3.2 comes with several bug fixes and an important security fix.

    As always, make sure you backup your database before updating, just to be safe. If you are using custom code for your myCRED setup, make sure these customizations does not crash your website if myCRED gets disabled!

    The ranks add-on now comes with some new management options allowing you to delete all ranks or re-assign roles if you feel your users have an incorrect rank.

    Several rank functions have also received some improvements, where for example I replaced the use of the WP_Query class for a direct database query lowering memory usage.

    In 1.3.2 I have fixed an issue where users can not see the myCRED Payment Gateway when using the free version.

    Transfer Add-on
    Adjusted the transfer add-on to allow customizations of what user details to use for transfers. You can now by default select to search users by username or user email.

    Security Fix
    The points for clicking on links hook has been adjusted to prevent users from changing the points amount and clicking links to get any number of points. Link clicks are now encoded and can not be manipulated. It is highly recommended that you update to 1.3.2 if you are using this hook!

    myCRED now offers you to set a failsafe amount. This amount will be enforced when users gain points, preventing them from gaining amounts larger then the set failsafe. If used, you should set this amount to the absolute highest amount a user can earn from you in a single instance.

    About Page
    In 1.3.2 I have added a myCRED splash page which you can see when you update the plugin where I intend to include what is new in each new release.

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