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    While I have yet to set a release date, I want to open the floor to suggestions for verison 1.2 already now to give you all a chance to send me your requests.

    Features already decided for 1.2:

    – Points for viewing Videos
    – Inline editing of users points in the User List (admin area)
    – Improving the Import add-on to allow import of entire logs.
    – New Games add-on for lottery and bettings
    – Reoccurring points. Points awarded on a daily/weekly/monthly basis


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  • hi
    I mean when a user ago a donation of point to another user that can put the reason for donation
    and look My History in user mycred


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    @gumresq: Using shortcodes in your posts are far easier to do then for me to add more settings in myCRED. Especially since you might not want this feature on every post. Not sure what you mean with awarding points for comments on posts. This feature is already included in myCRED as the “Points for commenting” hook.

    @ramon: I will look into this and see what would be the best solution.

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    I was playing around with BuddyPress and wanted to ask if anyone using myCRED with BP would want the ability to sort users on the “Members” page according to points balance.

    Another suggest:

    • For Admins: Add and substract points from users
    • Tasks as register in some pages or invite someone
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    Hey Bultack.

    You can already edit your users points. Just as you edit a user in WordPress, you also get access to add/deduct points with or without a log entry on the same page.

    In version 1.2 I will also add so you can edit points when you list your users in your admin area (inline-editing).

    Not sure I understand your second request though. If you use BuddyPress, you can use the Invite Anyone plugin to allow users to invite others to your site. myCRED supports this plugin and you can award points when users send invites and if the invited party accepts an invite.


    RE: sorting Members by points balance = Yes

    Also, any more thought to integrating with Sensei from WooThemes?


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    @scotm While i have been in touch with Sensei and got information on how myCRED could integrate with the plugin I have not yet been able to test this. Right now it also seems I can only hook in and award points for completing courses. But I feel there are more features that could be added but as I do not have access to the plugin I can not investigate.

    Hi Gabriel and everyone

    About the idea of sorting BP members by points balance, I would love this as well!

    Also have question about your plans for supporting Gravity Forms plugin or not, I have a project where I’m using this combination (also working with buddypress) and I’d need members to be able to award or charge other members using gravity forms, I think we could integrate myCRED with it in a very nice way and I’d be happy to help with anything I can.

    For this project actually I’ll need to store the points entered in the gravity form as a custom field first, and only award them after something else happens, since they’d be points awarded to the “friend” only after fulfilling successfully a reward.


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    Hi David.

    Gravity form is defenetly something I would love to support as it is a popular plugin but unfortunately I have never used it myself and have no access to it. I hope I get the time to see if I can find any online documentation for it.


    I do own the plugin and have used it for a while, it’s very robust and I’ve seen already some great add-on plugins like the one for custom post types.

    They have great documentation and some examples, so I’ve actually been able to do some customizations using their actions and filters, feel free to contact me for any help.

    Here are the docs: http://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/page/Gravity_Forms_Documentation

Viewing 10 replies - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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